For a long time, stair climbing has been a viable fitness choice. Soccer players and other athletes have been known to sprint up and down the stairs of their stadiums for years.

For example, in the iconic movie “Rocky,” one of the most inspiring scenes shows the boxer hero sprinting up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, all the way to the top.

A StairMaster will give you the same benefits of a good stair-climbing workout, but you don’t have to go outside to do it.

A mainstay of the gym since the 1980s, technological advancements have made it even more useful today. Over time, tools like a heart rate monitor and a calorie counter have been included.

Are Any Treadmills Made in USA?

StairMaster Treadmills – TreadClimbers are made in USA.

What is it?

When it comes down to its most basic definition, the StairMaster is nothing more than a treadmill-like stationary training machine that lets you set your own speed and duration for your ascent. In addition to providing a good cardio workout, this machine can also tone the lower body, particularly the:

  • quadriceps
  • hamstrings
  • calves
  • glutes

Here are a dozen reasons why using a StairMaster during your next workout could be beneficial to your health.

Cardio benefits

A StairMaster’s advantages extend from the top of the head all the way down the body. Stair climbing might provide a welcome change of pace from your usual running or walking routine.

1. Aerobic conditioning

Climbing stairs improves cardiovascular fitness by working the heart and lungs. Better lungs and a healthier heart allow you to take in more oxygen and deliver it to your muscles and organs more efficiently.

2. Calorie burning

You can use the StairMaster to help you lose weight or keep your current weight under control. Depending on your weight and the intensity of your activity, a half-hour StairMaster workout can burn anywhere from 180 to 260 calories or more.

Climbing quicker will result in a greater caloric expenditure than climbing slower. When doing the same workout, a 180-pound individual will burn more calories than a 125-pound person.

Calorie-burning calculators are standard on most StairMaster machines, and they predict how many calories you’ll burn throughout each workout based on your current weight.

Benefits of a strong body

StairMasters are not only healthy for your heart, but they can also help you build muscle and bone density.

3. Core muscle strength

You’ll get a good core exercise because you have to preserve your balance while climbing and pumping your legs on a StairMaster. Prevent lower back pain and damage by strengthening your core muscles.

4. Healthier bones

Osteoporosis can be prevented or treated by engaging in weight-bearing activities like climbing stairs. Climbing stairs helps build bone mass since they are made of live tissue. This becomes even more critical as you grow older due to the natural increase in bone loss that occurs with ageing.

5. Stronger quadriceps

In the front of the leg, the quadriceps femoris is a group of four muscles. Walking, jogging, and even getting out of a chair need the use of these muscles. Because the quadriceps contract when you push off from one step to another, you’re strengthening these huge muscles every time you do so.

6. Stronger hamstrings

Quadriceps and hamstrings are two muscles that operate together in the rear of the leg. They aid in knee flexion, which is essential for activities such as walking, running, and sitting. The hamstrings are performing most of the work when you bend your knee to take another step up.

7. Stronger calves

Your calves, like the rest of your leg muscles, give you the power to run, walk, jump, and stand on one foot. When you lift your heel to take a stride, your calves contract.

Your calves have to work hard every time you climb, whether it’s on a StairMaster, on your front steps, or up a hill.

8. Stronger glutes

In the buttocks, you’ll find the gluteus maximus muscles, which are among the strongest in the human body. Climbing stairs necessitates powerful glutes because of their primary role in moving the hips and thighs.

Product Summary & Specs

  • Autonomous non-motorized movement for pushing, pulling, and walking. Commercially approved.
  • Gravity-assisted start-up with an 11 percent incline. Magnetic brake resistance can be adjusted.
  • Weight plates can be added to the Farmers Carry raise arms to increase load resistance to 90 lb per side.
  • Cushioned turf belt that is suitable with plastic field cleats 3mm thick. The Olympic plates are not included.

A self-powered, non-motorized treadmill, the StairMaster HIITMill X is designed to help you build speed, strength, and explosive power through the use of an HIIT programme.

Resistance training on the StairMaster’s HIIT Mill X will increase metabolic intensity and capture the benefits of speed and agility training, lateral training, and sled training.

User safety is ensured when working in an area that is smaller than that of a traditional sled. Simple exercises such as walking up and down an incline, doing hill sprints, or hiking with light resistance can be performed on the HIITMill X manual treadmill with minimal to no learning curve. Vertical grips are narrow and wide, and horizontal grips are high and low, on forward push rails.

The 3mm custom cushioned PVC belt of the HIITMill X gives more grip for hard pushing and hauling exercises. The HIITMill X Because of the additional friction created by this belt, users who weigh less than 110 pounds will be unable to walk or run without first pushing off the forward handles. There is substantially more traction with the HIITMill X for heavy pressing and heavy pulling.

It’s possible to add up to 90 pounds of Olympic weight plates on each side of the HIITMill X with the Farmers Carry lift arms. The arms weigh 10 lbs each, so the total maximum carry weight per side for bilateral or unilateral carries is 100 lbs (200 lbs total for both sides).

Construction of an 11-gauge steel frame. Resilient eddy current magnetic brakes on a rotating flywheel that require no additional maintenance. Adjustment lever with six resistance levels and emergency stop feature on each paddle. For maximum stability and side training, use this extra-wide 23-inch belt. Powder coating that resists perspiration corrosion. Capacity for 500 lbs of user weight. For demonstration purposes only, weight plates depicted in the manufacturer’s stock photo are not included.

Made in USA: Yes
Color: Black
Product Weight: 454 LB
Lenght: 78″
Width: 55″
Height: 66″