In the world of fitness, treadmills are among the most popular pieces of equipment on the market. Treadmills are the only piece of exercise equipment that can be relied on to perform perfectly. As a result of the treadmill’s fantastic characteristics, not only do treadmills aid in weight loss, but they are also worth purchasing!

Now, we know you’re wondering if treadmills under $400 are worth the investment (we’ll get into that in a minute). In this budget range, the only loss of quality is due to the manufacturer’s low-quality and unkempt treadmills.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some excellent treadmills out there, though, Treadmills that cost less than $400 can still be used for running, walking, marathon training, and other types of exercise. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best treadmills under $400. Let’s dive right in and find out everything there is to know about them!

Best Treadmill under 400

1. XTERRA Fitness TR150

Key Features

  • Preset speed settings make it simple to tailor your workout to your specific needs.
  • To fold and unfold the treadmill, there is a knob that you can pull.
  • Twelve pre-programmed workouts to help you attain your fitness objectives.
  • Hand pulse pads on the handlebars allow the user to keep track of their heart rate as they work out.

Treadmills can be pricey, but the TR150 from XTERRA Fitness is a great option for those on a budget. The TR150 is specifically built for the home, and as a result, it is equipped with a number of useful features that prioritise your convenience and productivity.

With a 5-inch LCD, you can monitor your workout progress, such as your pace and the amount of calories you have burned. This treadmill lets you set your own fitness goals, as well. Manual inclination adjustments allow you to raise the treadmill to a comfortable level while working out.

With its compact and collapsible design, this treadmill is easy to transport and store. The treadmill’s deck may be folded or unfolded by pulling the release knob. Make the most of every inch of space in your home with this function, which saves you time and money in the process.

In our testing of this treadmill, we discovered that it has an extremely huge running area of 16 x 50 inches, which can accommodate even the largest of users. A 250-pound weight capacity is also included in the treadmill’s capabilities.

The hand pulse grips on the TR150 allow you to keep track of your heart rate as you work out. Also included are 12 pre-programmed workouts that can serve as your personal trainer. ” You may quickly and easily adjust your training tempo with the pre-programmed speed buttons.


  • Three manual incline settings
  • Direct Access Speed keys
  • Large running surface
  • Powerful motor


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

2. CITYSPORTS Treadmill

Key Features

  • It comes with two LED screens that allow you to monitor your workout progress.
  • There are multiple speeds for running and walking modes so you can customise your workout.
  • It has a 7-layer non-slippery running deck to keep you safe.
  • Motor using Quiet Drive technology to reduce noise.

When it comes to treadmills for at-home workout, this CITYSPORTS model is an excellent choice. Considering the low price, it offers a lot for the money. It’s the greatest budget treadmill on the market because of its excellent folding capabilities and separate running and walking modes.

Using the handrails, you may switch between settings without difficulty. The velocities of the two modes are diametrically opposed. The treadmill has a 2.25 horsepower non-torque motor that makes less noise during use, so you won’t disturb your family or neighbours.

A 7-layer, non-slippery surface keeps you from losing your footing as you practise. In addition, the deck is equipped with shock absorption technology to lessen the disproportionate force on joints and avoid injury.

Using the twin LED screens on the CITYSPORTS treadmill, you can keep track of your workout session’s progress. Customizing your daily fitness routine is also possible. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your phone to the treadmill’s built-in speakers and listen to music while working out.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in speakers
  • No assembly required
  • Heart pulse sensors


  • Bit noisy

3. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 Treadmill

  • Reclination levels can be manually adjusted from zero to nine miles per hour using the 2.20 peak horsepower drive system (0 percent , 2 percent , 4.37 percent )
  • A maximum user weight of 220 lbs. and a running surface of 49 L x 15.5 W inches are included in the design.
  • The soft drop method and simple folding mechanism make it easy to open the treadmill without having to use your hands.
  • Speed, start and stop can all be controlled by using the handrail controls. Your current data and running metrics will be saved while you pause your run at the press of a button.
  • There are nine pre-programmed workouts, each with a huge LCD display showing time, distance, speed, calories burnt, and pulse. A smartphone/tablet holder is supplied that can accommodate a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

When it comes to in-home fitness equipment, Sunny Health & Fitness is a name you can trust.

Aside from the best treadmills on the market for beginners, this company specialises in producing high-quality workout equipment at an affordable price.

This treadmill from Sunny Health, the SF-T4400, is among the most well-known models in its price range of $400 or less. There are also a variety of convenient built-in features like a three-stage adjustable resistance, nine distinct workout programmes with pulse sensors integrated into the handles, and shock absorption along the extended running surface. All of this is so reasonably priced.

This Sunny Health SF-T4400 treadmill has 3 incline settings, making it the greatest treadmill in its price range.

With an incline, you can increase the intensity of your workout. Jogging, for example, can increase your hip, hamstring, and calves’ strength while burning an additional 40% of your daily caloric intake.

There is a visible difference between this treadmill and others in its price range due to its longer running deck belt of 50 inches.

Because of the extra length of the belt, this treadmill is ideal for those who are tall. Furthermore, it was able to give a burst of liveliness to the user’s workouts at a faster pace.

Avoid monotonous cardio workouts by selecting a treadmill with pre-programmed workouts.

This treadmill has nine pre-programmed workouts to help you get the most out of your workouts and achieve your fitness goals faster.

A silent motor is included with this treadmill, allowing users to enjoy their workouts while still watching TV or listening to music without disturbing others.

In addition to its outstanding anti-absorbing technology, this treadmill also has a number of other notable features, including a built-in heart rate monitor.

The shock-absorbing mechanism protects the user’s leg joints, particularly the knees, by absorbing half of the impact induced by jogging. It’s an important feature for treadmill buyers to keep in mind while making their final purchase decision.

Last but not least, despite its additional 6 percent length, the SF-T4400 treadmill includes a folding option, which is a useful feature for this machine. In addition, the inbuilt transport wheels on this machine make it simple to fold and store.

Consider the SF-T4400 treadmill from Sunny Health and Workout as a well-designed, easy to use fitness machine at a fair price. Built-in workouts and multi-level incline keep it ahead of the pack.

Also, the easy speed controlling features with just a touch on the button within the handlebars and the easy dropping system enabling the smoothness of lowering and fittings of the running deck is attractive elements to the consumers.

For less than $400, you can’t beat the Sunny Health SF-T4400 treadmill’s features and quality.


  • Easy folding and storing along with easy dropping.
  • Good incline up to 3 levels.
  • 9 predefined built-in workout Programs.
  • Comes with good shock-absorbing technology.
  • In-built sensors to monitor the user’s heart rate while running.
  • Holding for water bottle as well as media ledge.
  • Good deck belt length.
  • A worthy investment for a cheaper treadmill with valuable features compared to other machines costing $200.


  • Though it comes with a 3-level manual incline, the incline seems to be not very useful as the steepest setting is only 5%.

4. Weslo Cadence G 5.9i Treadmill

It is highly recommended that you look at the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 2.5 HP Treadmill series if you are looking to model your workout regimen around a specific aesthetic goal.

The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 takes up less room, making it ideal for home workouts where you don’t have to share the area with anybody else.

If you want to get the most out of your workout, a treadmill like this one is a great option.

The workouts are only as effective as they are thanks to the built-in Bluetooth connectivity to iFit personalised training programmes. Over 1600 on-demand workouts are available to iFit subscribers, all of which have been devised by leading personal trainers.

It may be folded up and stored in a small place.

The Comfort Cell cushioning on this treadmill helps to keep the user’s leg joints adequately supported, which is critical while exercising.

The running deck area measures 16 inches by 59 inches and is large enough to provide users with safe support.

With a top speed of 10 mph, you can fine-tune the speed with a set of keys.

The maximum user weight capacity of this treadmill is 275 pounds, which is adequate for most users.

This Weslo Cadence G 5.9 electric treadmill boasts a 2.25 HP motor and a large LCD screen, making it a superb machine for increased performance.


  • Incline level up to 2.
  • Bluetooth connectivity, pulse monitoring sensor, and 6 preset programs at a reasonable price.
  • Offers iFit.
  • Deck belt of 50 inches long.
  • East folding to easy storing.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Manual Incline

5. FYC Folding Treadmill

Key Features

  • Reduced sound levels are achieved through the use of an ultra quiet motor with strong torque.
  • A safety emergency key is included with the treadmill, allowing you to shut it off instantly and keep yourself safe.
  • There are twelve pre-programmed workouts to assist you attain your fitness goals.
  • Being small and light, it’s simple to fold and store this treadmill when not in use.

In order to burn calories more effectively, this folding treadmill comes with a routine and 12 pre-programmed fitness assessments. Pick a training programme that suits your needs and follow it religiously to achieve optimal results. It’s one of the best treadmills under $400 thanks to these fitness testing.

To assemble the treadmill, you don’t need additional screws, and it’s rather straightforward. The lightweight and compact design of this foldable treadmill makes it simple to store when not in use or when not in use. In order to fold the treadmill, you simply turn a knob, which is really convenient.

It has a safety key that allows you to rapidly stop the treadmill in an emergency. The undesirable loss of balance between the workouts can be avoided in this way, preventing injuries. On top of everything else, it’s a testament to how safe and secure this treadmill is for use during workouts.

Because of its strong yet quiet engine, the FYC Folding Treadmill is ideal for use in the comfort of one’s own house or apartment. The 1.5 horsepower motor provides the ideal performance for jogging, walking, and running at home. Workout noise is minimised thanks to the Quiet Drive feature of this treadmill.


  • Wide running surface
  • Shock absorption technology
  • Multi-functional LED
  • Smooth Transportation wheels


  • Squeaks when running

6. Goplus 2 In 1 Folding Treadmill

Key Features

  • You can pair your phone with the treadmill via Bluetooth.
  • It has a variety of running and walking modes, each with a distinct top speed.
  • It’s easy to carry thanks to the unit’s folding and compact form and integrated transportation wheels.
  • Cushioning for your knees is provided with a 5-layer non-slip texture running deck.

There are few treadmills as affordable and well-reviewed as the Goplus 2 in 1. It offers a big running area and a five-layer non-slip jogging belt. Your knees will thank you if you utilise this 5-layer deck while exercising. It also has an LED panel that shows you how active you are when working out.

The Goplus Folding Treadmill differs from other models in that it has two distinct speeds to accommodate a variety of users. It is possible to run on the treadmill at speeds ranging from 1 to 4kph without the use of the handrails. But when the handlebars are raised, the treadmill is suitable for working out at speeds ranging from 1 to 12 kilometres per hour.

You can easily store it under your desk thanks to its folding design and built-in mobility wheels. To maximise space and ease of erection, this treadmill may be set together in minutes. Remove the treadmill’s handrails before folding.

It is possible to connect speakers or phones to the Goplus Folding Treadmill via Bluetooth. In addition, it features joint-protection stress absorption technology.


  • LED panel
  • Built-in Transportation Wheels
  • Wide Running Area
  • Sturdy and Durable steel frame


  • Rigid running trail

7. Aotob Foldable Treadmills

Key Features

  • 2.25 HP motor with lifetime warranty and maximum speed of 7.5mph are included in this model.
  • You can customise any of the pre-programmed workouts from the available twelve options.
  • Your heart rate and workout activity are shown on the LED screen.
  • Shock-absorbent and noise-free, the treadmill’s surface is ideal for exercising.

The Aotob Treadmill is the next item in our list of treadmills under $400, which is meant to make exercise at home easier. The sturdy structure can support up to 300 pounds of weight and is made of ABS durable plastic. The 2.25 HP motor with a lifetime warranty allows you to walk, jog, or run at speeds up to 7.5 MPH. The speed can also be adjusted to suit your needs.

Various metrics, such as time, distance, calories expended, speed, etc., are displayed on the LED screen. You can now choose any activity from the 12 pre-set programmes at different speeds. You can also change the modes to work out at incredibly fast speeds.

You can use the treadmill’s panel-mounted protection key to avoid injury during your training. Shock absorption from the multiple layers of the artificial belt of this treadmill results in a low impact workout. The quiet belt reduces noise while allowing you to run at high speeds with ease.


  • 2.25 HP motor
  • LED screen
  • 12 pre-set workouts
  • Shock absorbent surface


  • No incline

8. UREVO Foldable Treadmills

Key Features

  • Using the soft drop technique, you can safely unfold the treadmill.
  • In order to run at a faster speed, you’ll need a 2.5 HP motor
  • An anti-slip buckle on the treadmill keeps you safe while you’re jogging.
  • To avoid any mistakes, there is an in-built stabilising mechanism

The easy-to-fold mechanism on this UREVO treadmill makes it ideal for small spaces. You may also unfold your treadmill without using your hands thanks to the soft drop technology. 55.2(L)x27.8Wx5.1(H) inches are the treadmill’s folded dimensions.

Speeds range from 0.5 to 7.5 MPH on the treadmill, powered by a 2.5 peak horsepower engine. An extra 16.5 inches of width in the anti-slip clasp secures your knees. On the treadmill’s LCD display, you can see how many calories you’ve burned as well as how long it took you to complete your workout.

Its wide running surface and extra-large Multi-layer Rubber Belt (16.545.7-inches) provide you more freedom to move around when exercising, making it less likely that you’ll harm your feet while using this treadmill.

The heavy-duty steel frame of this treadmill ensures its stability. Consequently, this treadmill is capable of supporting up to 260 pounds of weight. Your training will be more stable thanks to a built-in stabilising system. The treadmill’s transfer wheels make it even easier to move about.


  • High-quality frame
  • High-speed range
  • Anti-slip buckle
  • LCD display


  • No Bluetooth Connectivity

9. LSRZSPORT 2 In 1 Foldable Treadmill

Key Features

  • With a variety of speed settings, it may be used for both walking and running.
  • Quiet Drive technology reduces noise with a 2.5 horsepower motor
  • LED display to show the workout’s progress and high-quality speakers to stream music.
  • You can quickly change the speed and start/stop the engine with the console’s multi-functional controls.

Due to the fact that it folds up, the LSRZPORTS Folding Treadmill is one of the best cheap treadmills available. It features two running modes and one walking mode. It can be used as a running treadmill with a speed range of 0.8-12 km/h, and as an under-desk treadmill with a speed range of 0.8-6 km/h when the handlebars are up.

With a 5-layer running surface and eight shock-absorbing cushions, it helps to reduce the impact on the joints during exercises. This treadmill boasts a 2.5 horsepower engine, making it one of the strongest on the market. During your workout, you can benefit from the motor’s Quiet Drive technology, which lowers the level of noise.

It includes a multi-purpose console with controls for speed and start/stop that you may alter. To ensure you don’t miss any calls or shows while working out, it is equipped with a smartphone holder. The vehicle’s speed and brakes can both be adjusted with the remote control.

You may listen to music while working out on this treadmill thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity and four LED displays that show your speed, distance travelled, and calories burned.


  • It comes with complete assembly
  • Less than 57db noise
  • Wide running trail
  • Eight shock absorbers


  • Unclear Instructions