Treadmills from Bowflex’s 2020 series are already being tested in homes around the world. In comparison to the Bowflex Treadmill 10, which serves as the entry-level model, the Treadmill 22 is undoubtedly the most advanced model. The Treadmill 22’s $2,699 price tag has already been reduced thanks to promotional deals on the company’s website for its larger and more powerful 22-inch adjustable console with HD Touchscreen and Bluetooth speakers.

However, the price tag is warranted due to the fact that it is far higher than the most popular models from other brands, such as the 7.4 AT treadmill and the NordicTrack 2450.

It’s not just a larger, more dynamic screen that you’re looking at, but a 20 percent incline and -5 percent decline in addition to the normal bells and whistles found in a folding unit of this calibre.

A one-year membership to the JRNY Fitness App is included with the purchase of the Treadmill 22 from Bowflex, as are all other Bowflex workout machines. With out a JRNY membership, most of the treadmill’s bells and whistles are essentially meaningless, making the machine just a store demo.

Performance and features

As I walked, jogged and ran, the Treadmill 22 didn’t budge a hair – even on an uneven apartment floor. The cushioned jogging deck felt comfy in sneakers and even barefoot. As a shorter person, I never once had to modify my stride, and a few taller friends tried it out and stated the same thing.

The Bowflex was a breeze to operate. Depending on my training, I could use the speed and incline settings incorporated into the handlebar grips or the side arms. This was convenient. Both going up and going down the gradient was a breeze.


Motor: n/a

Star Rating: 4.3-stars

Incline: 20%

Running Area: 22 x 60

Folding: Yes

Top Speed: 0-12 MPH

Weight Capacity: 400 pounds LBS

Dimensions: 85″” L x 39.6″” W x 70″ H

Built-In Programs: JRNY

What We Like:

  • Big dynamic screen — The 21.5-inch diagonal screen of the 22-inch HD Touchscreen is housed within an adjustable console to deliver a fully immersive gaming experience.
  • Adjustment Knobs: The grips allow you to instantly alter the pace and incline/decline of the treadmill without stopping your stride.
  • Spacious running track —The tread is 60 inches long and 22 inches wide, making it ideal for taller individuals.
  • Incline and Decline —In addition to the -5 percent drop, the Treadmill 22 also features a 20 percent motorised incline.
  • Heart rate monitoring —The treadmill comes with an armband heart rate monitor that is Bluetooth-enabled for both heart rate and entertainment. The handlebars of the treadmill are equipped with heart rate sensors as well.
  • Easy Folding System —Designed with a SoftDrop Folding System, the Treadmill 22 has a unique folding mechanism.
  • JRNY Fitness App Subscription  The Bowflex fitness app, which costs $149 a year, is included in the purchase price. The Bowflex JRNY Fitness App is a dynamic and immersive programme that works with other Bowflex equipment as well.
  • Compatible with other Apps —In addition to JRNY, Zwift and Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and HBO Max are all accessible through the machine.
  • Max User Weight – With a maximum user weight of 400 pounds, the Bowflex Treadmill 22 is no lightweight.
  • Respectable Warranty – The frame and motor of the Bowflex Treadmill 22 are covered by a 15-year guarantee; the motor is covered for five years; the electronics are covered for one year; and the labour is covered for two years.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Large frame for a home treadmill —Weight and size are issues for some people, as the treadmill itself weighs 336 pounds and measures 85 inches by 39.6 inches by 70 inches.
  • Lack of built-in programming —When it comes to fitness, marketers are increasingly depending on their app rather than designing in-app routines.
  • JRNY membership required —If one does not have a JRNY membership, the treadmill is basically non-functional and one cannot use its entertainment features or monitor their progress in their exercise routine.
  • Customer service complaints —For interactive treadmills in general, as well as this particular model, we’re seeing a lot of customer service concerns.

Treadmill 22 is a big step up from the Bowflex Treadmill 10, which is available at a discounted price of $1,599 and is priced at $2,600, but it comes with an additional 22-inch screen, a 20% inclination instead of 15% and several other capabilities. Whether or not the larger screen and higher incline are worth the additional cost must be considered before making the purchase. Granted, home treadmills are moving toward screens that are larger and more dynamic, so the shift is understandable.

However, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, this is a big, sturdy treadmill with dimensions of 85 inches by 39.6 inches by 70 inches and a weight of 336 pounds. To be honest, that’s a lot of space for a folding unit. There is a positive side to this frame, which can support persons up to 400 pounds. Obviously, moving about the room or up a flight of stairs will be difficult.

The machine and the JRNY Fitness App are both included in the purchase price of $149.00. For example, the JRNY programme is compatible with the brand’s other products like bikes and ellipticals, just as NordicTrack and ProForm’s apps. It may be used on a smart TV or a mobile device when travelling or at the gym, and it is compatible with iOS and Android systems. Zwift, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO, and JRNY Radio are all supported by the programme in addition to daily adaptive workouts and on-demand lessons. If you don’t want to keep using the JRNY app, this machine is practically nothing more than a giant treadmill. As a result, you should probably opt for an other, less expensive model.

A fantastic immersive experience awaits those who do commit to the programme and the 22-inch adjustable screen. There is a heart rate monitor that is Bluetooth-enabled as well as an armband monitor and integrated contact grips on the machine. The treadmill has a built-in media shelf, a water bottle holder, and Bluetooth speakers for added convenience. When not in use, the 336-pound treadmill may be pushed around the room on its transport wheels.

Users of any ability level can benefit from the treadmill’s maximum speed of 12 mph and incline/decline range of 20 percent to -5 percent. The belt’s dimensions are 22 inches by 60 inches, making it suitable for taller runners. It can support a user weight of 400 pounds. Finally, the 15-year frame and motor guarantee includes a good five-year mechanical parts warranty, a one-year electronics warranty, and a two-year labour warranty.


The Treadmill 22 is a fitness workhorse that will survive for years, after using it for a few weeks.

High-end gym equipment with a sturdy, apparently unbreakable construction is what you’d typically find on this machine. Its combination of bells and whistles sets it distinct from competitors from NordicTrack, Echelon, and Peloton. Other treadmills may include a huge HD screen, a powerful motor, a spacious track, and easy-to-use controls, but not always all of these features in one unit. Despite the fact that the JRNY app requires a membership, it provides excellent training alternatives and the opportunity to link to your streaming services.

The Bowflex Treadmill 22 costs a lot, but if you quit your gym membership, you’ll save a lot of money. An investment like this might keep you healthy and active for many years, regardless of the present weather or public health situation.