How Much Do a Treadmill Cost

Running machines cost anywhere between $149.99 and more than $3,000. Manual treadmills are far less expensive than motorised treadmills, although they lack many of the features and capabilities of the latter. There is a price difference between commercial and commercial treadmills.

How Much Is a Cheapest Treadmill


For a treadmill that’s both sturdy and affordable, look no further than the Horizon T101. The Horizon T101 is our best pick for a low-cost treadmill, coming in at just $699. As a result of this, the warranty is quite respectable, with a lifetime guarantee on the frame and motor, as well as a year’s worth of parts and labour coverage. It’s also versatile enough to fit in most home gyms. Because of its small, foldable, and transportable form, you can store the machine away while it’s not in use.

With a 2.5 CHP motor and 20′′ x 55′′ track, the Horizon T101 is ideal for walkers and light joggers alike. It has a 10-percent slope, five onboard fitness programmes, and 3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning to lessen the impact of your workouts. Bluetooth speakers, a cooling fan, a tablet holder, and a USB charging port are all included among the entertainment options. As far as we’re concerned, this is the best low-cost treadmill on the market when it comes to both quality, functionality, and affordability. Review of the Horizon T101 may be seen right here on our site.


  • Low-cost
  • Spectacular Warranty Policy
  • Folding & Storage Is a Breeze


  • Short Track
  • Weak Motor
  • Pretty Average Cushioning

2. ORIZON T202

Another Horizon treadmill makes it to our list of the top budget treadmills. A 20-by-60-inch treadmill at this price is a great deal, even if you can buy models with far longer tracks.

For taller people who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a treadmill, we recommend the Horizon T202, which has a 60-inch track. The T202 strikes a good balance between price and features.

A 2.75 CHP motor with an automatic incline of 12 percent, five built-in workout routines, and a fantastic guarantee are all yours for less than $1,000 ($799 to be exact).

A lifetime frame and motor warranty and a year of parts and labour coverage are included in the T202’s low price. A fan and tablet stand are also included, so you can keep up with your favourite shows and music while you work out in luxury.

To accommodate taller runners, the T202 has a 60-inch belt length. With a fantastic selection of pre-programmed options and premium extras like inclination and padding, it’s a terrific value. See our review of the Horizon T202 for more information.


  • Long 20″ x 60″ track
  • Warranty
  • Easy Folding and Storage


  • Budget belt

3. Sole F63

The warranty on a treadmill under $999 is a major source of concern. One’s always a good idea to verify the warranty on a treadmill before purchasing it. When it comes to its frame and motor, the Sole F63 has a lifetime warranty. The components, deck, and electronics are covered under warranty for three years, while labour is covered for one year. It has a 3.0 HP motor and a 20′′ by 60′′ running area that can hold 325 lbs. of weight. The machine’s handles have built-in heart rate sensors, making it easy to connect chest sensors. You can use any of the 10 pre-installed training programmes, or use Sole’s own fitness app on the 6.5-inch LCD screen.

The Sole F63 has a top speed of 12 mph and a maximum incline of 15 degrees. The treadmill includes a tablet holder, USB port, and water bottle holder in case the smaller screen isn’t enough for you. The F63 is a low-cost, high-performance laptop with a superb warranty and a variety of software options at your disposal, including the Sole app. The Sole F63 is the subject of a thorough examination in this study.


  • Terrific warranty
  • 15% Incline
  • Cushioning & Belt Quality


  • Smaller screen

 4. Nordictrack T 6.5 Si

NordicTrack and ProForm treadmills equipped with iFit are likely to have caught your eye if you’re looking for an interactive workout. iFit is a cutting-edge interactive training platform that you may use in conjunction with an iFit-enabled treadmill to get a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home. The NordicTrack T 6.5 Si is a good option if you’re searching for a reasonably priced treadmill that supports this type of training. iFit training begins with this model, which features a 10-inch HD touchscreen for live and streamed workouts. A 1-year family subscription to the service is included in the machine’s low price.

If you have an iFit device, you have access to a massive library of on-demand (and now live) workouts led by professional personal trainers (subscription required). Your running route could include a trip to an exotic place, a walk through a park, or even a yoga session. As you move around the trainer or landscape, the incline and speed adjust automatically, making for a more enjoyable workout. If you’re more interested in walking than in jogging, this bike is for you. With iFit connectivity, a 10 percent inclination, foldable design, and built-in speakers to listen to music, the NordicTrack T 6.5 Si is ideal for a range of workouts. Overall, it’s one of the best treadmills for iFit training in its pricing range. See our whole NordicTrack T 6.5 Si review for more information.


  • Workout Variety
  • Incline
  • Easy Folding & Storage


  • Short Track
  • Average Warranty
  • New and Improved models from NordicTrack

5. Proform 505 Cst

High-quality tiny treadmills are now available that can compete with larger models. Despite its compact size, the ProForm 505 CST is surprisingly affordable. The ProForm 505 CST is a budget-friendly entry-level treadmill that’s built to last. After your workout, you can simply fold it up and put it away.

Compact in size, the ProForm 505 CST boasts an outstanding feature set. Features include ProShox cushioning, a 10% incline grade, 18 built-in programmes, and iFit-readiness, which allows you to track your progress. Even though iFit training doesn’t have a fancy touchscreen, you can connect your own tablet to use iFit exercises.

iFit exercises will continue to automatically alter the slope of your treadmill even if you attach your own device to your treadmill.

It’s best suited for walkers rather than runners or marathon training because of its 2.5 CHP engine. It’s important to think about a few factors before buying an inexpensive, space-saving treadmill. It’s possible that the small 1.9-inch non-flex rollers and the 20-inch by 55-inch track of the ProForm 505 CST will have an impact on the quality of your workout.

However, if space and money are your primary concerns, the 505 CST is an excellent choice. Check out our in-depth analysis of the ProForm 505 CST.


  • Price
  • iFit Ready
  • Easy Folding & Storage


  • Short Track
  • Small Rollers
  • Weak motor