Have you ever thought of building a home gym, but the expenses intimidate you? Feeling intimidated by the home gym expenses is justified as buying highly automated gym equipment is not cheap. However, there is nothing you cannot do if you dare to do it.

Are you wondering how to build a home gym on a budget? You have to develop a gym step-by-step, and it is a process that takes time. You cannot expect to set up a whole gym in one go until you have a significant amount of money to spare.

However, if you want a home gym, then you can always start small. It is essential to do proper research before investing your money. There are vendors out there that charge you a kidney for each exercising machine.

Rather than feeling disappointed that your dream of a home gym will remain unfulfilled, find affordable alternatives.

The ultimate goal of every person is to stay fit; you can do that with simple equipment also. It’s the courage that counts and the ability to make things work. In this article, we aim to discuss all the tips and tricks that you can use to build a home gym on a budget.

Building A Home Gym On A Budget

Building a home gym is not an easy task; it takes a lot of effort to curate equipment and that too on a budget. However, you can make a gym on a budget if you have the right mindset and plan everything properly. Here are some tried and tested tips to try:

Revamp your garage

If you do not have a spare room in your house, you can undoubtedly turn your garage into a makeshift gym. However, you must clean the garage properly and check the wiring before doing so. It is better to wash your garage and then a fresh coat of paint.

While it may seem unnecessary to most people, a revamped space looks extremely inviting. You can paint your garage in vibrant color, so you feel more attracted to work out.

Make a list of necessary items

If you shop for home gym equipment randomly, chances are you will end up wasting a lot of money. It is essential to write down the things you need for the workout you usually do. After writing the equipment, try to analyze them and find cheaper alternatives.

You can make DIY dumbbells and weights using a water bottle. After writing down all the necessary items and their alternatives, you will have much fewer things to buy.

Build slowly

It is wrong to burden yourself into making a gym from scratch in one go. No one has the budget to build a gym all at once. You can buy the necessary items first and leave the rest for next month. You can start with small items such as a weighted ball, dumbbells, skipping ropes, and a treadmill.

Find wholesalers

If you are going to go to a fancy store to buy your gym equipment, you will never find budget-friendly items. Try to find a wholesaler’s shop in your area or a local contractor to curate gym equipment for you. You will end up saving a lot of money if you buy from them.

Invest in used items

Apart from buying gym equipment from a wholesaler, you can also invest in used machinery. However, it is crucial to check the machine’s condition properly. Before buying a machine, ask for a trial period to analyze the machine’s performance.

Items In A Basic Home Gym On A Budget

Olympic barbell

An Olympic barbell is the best home gym equipment as it is durable and does not require any maintenance. It is the ideal choice for a home gym as you can do many exercises with it. It helps in strengthening the core and building arm and shoulder muscles.

Look for an Olympic barbell with excellent tensile strength and brass bushing. It is incredibly long-lasting and does not rust easily when exposed to the external environment.


You will find dumbbells in every gym, and it is ideal for people looking to tone their arms and build muscle. It is a huge part of strength training; hence, we recommend getting your hands on these first. You can buy a pair of light-weight and a pair of heavy-weight dumbbells.

Always start with lifting light dumbbells and shift to heavier ones gradually.

Jumping rope

Treadmills are not cheap, and some stores sell them at a super high price. Running is an excellent form of cardio that helps in losing excess weight. However, some people do not like running at all as it drains them quickly. If you want to include some sort of cardio within your exercise routine, then jumping rope is perfect.

It helps in keeping the heart rate high and makes you sweat like crazy.

Wrist and ankle weight

Wrist and ankle weight is underrated gym equipment that most people do not use. If you want to build the intensity of your workout and make it more advanced-level, extra body weights can do the trick. Your home gym will not be loaded with numerous weights at once. However, you can use body weights for building the weight training intensity.


If you are looking at building a home gym in a garage, you must consider including a bench. There are so many workouts one can do with a bench. You can do triceps, dips, pushups, and also use the bench for support. It is budget-friendly, but highly effective equipment for exercise.


It takes a lot of planning to turn your spare room or garage into a home gym. If you have no idea about how to build a home gym on a budget, you must plan. Planning is the key, and finding necessary items at wholesale rate is the cherry on top. We have mentioned a few tips which we think are the best. Hopefully, you can also incorporate them into your home gym project.