The treadmill’s electronics may need to be reset if they haven’t been maintained in the past few years. Resetting a treadmill, whether or not it has a TV screen, takes only a few seconds.

You may need to reset your treadmill at various points during your workout. In the event that you’ve made any modifications, you’d be better off reverting to the factory settings. It’s possible that you’ve done some maintenance and need to reset your system. When the machine is turned on or off, it may be necessary to reset the machine to check whether it fixes an issue.

All you have to do to go back on the treadmill is press the reset button and a few other keys. However, the process you use will be determined by the machine you use.

To begin, reading the instructions in your machine’s handbook will save you time and frustration. You may only need to press down several keys for few seconds before the treadmill’s software performs the reset.

How To Reset A Treadmill For 11 Various Manufacturers


Once you’ve made your selection, click “Settings.” To access the “I” button, press the “I” button on the upper left of your screen. This mode can only be accessed by reactivating and reopening the maintenance button in the lower-left corner You’ll need to perform a factory reset.

It is done by clicking and then waiting for it to finish. Choose an option from a drop-down menu to begin using the Settings menu. To access the “I” button, press the “I” button on the upper left of your screen. The maintenance mode can only be accessed by clicking on the maintenance button again in the lower-left corner of the screen. You must perform a factory reset. It is done by clicking and waiting for it to finish.

The Bowflex:

Press and hold the ENTER and POWER keys together for three seconds, then release them. The treadmill is now in standby mode. You can view all of the features and the associated user manuals from this point.

Select the power-up mode on the BXT series treadmill when it is turned on. To access the machine’s settings, hold down the pause or stop and decrease buttons for three seconds. You can access a range of choices by pressing the up or down arrows. Re-initializing the console is one way to fix the issue.

Horizon Fitness:

The terminate button should be used to guarantee that the computer is not being used in any way. The reset is initiated by holding down the stop key for three seconds after it comes to a stop.


Front of the engine hood is the on/off switch. It would go into dormant mode if you turned it on. Pressing the “Clear 750” button on the keypad brings up the configuration menu.

Reset Your Nordictrack Treadmill Without Reset Button

There may be an issue with your Nordictrack treadmill if you don’t have a reset button. If you must reset it, follow these procedures. If you’re unable to locate the reset button on your treadmill, you may be able to force it to restart during a power outage.

Using a safety key, remove it. The weapon should be removed and stored in a safe location prior to use to avoid misuse or damage.

To proceed, you must remove the keys from the keyboard first. You won’t be able to return in if you keep the keys in your pocket after successfully entering your passcode.

While pressing and releasing the Power Off/On button, keep the Control (E) button pressed down.

To adjust the brightness, find the + and stop buttons and hold them at the same time. Try again if you can’t press them simultaneously with your hands where you can see them.

Keep holding down the speed+ button and the stop button once you’ve completed watching the animation until you touch the start button to continue it from the beginning.

Turn the safety key once more and begin the machine.

It is safe to remove the keypad after inserting it and pressing the Speed and Stop buttons.

Your body’s inclination settings will be out of whack if you resume an exercise without first clicking the stop button. Hold down the incline button after pushing the stop button to retrieve your treadmills’ inclination, then press the incline button again to allow them to rise. This is how you change the inclination on a treadmill. To lower the bed, press and hold the incline button.

The treadmill is ready for your next workout, and all of the console settings and incline changes have been set up.. Take out the safety keys yet again and you might have a whole new product.

It’s also possible to rest your iFit-equipped console following this approach.

The Precor:

There is an on/off switch located under the hood near the power cord. Then turn it back on after 30 seconds. A reset button is available on some models. Pressing the reset button gives them access to the programming mode.

Xterra Fitness:

After three seconds of pressing and holding, the device is reset. Resetting a treadmill is as simple as pressing a reset button or accessing the console’s rear panel. The system can be reset by hitting the power button or disconnecting it if this does not work.

Life Fitness:

A reset button is available on some models. Many have diagnostic features such as a wide range of codes for each model. Almost single treadmill they make has a unique model and diagnostic code, which you may find on their website.

The Nautilus:

This feature can be activated by pressing up and entering. This mode allows you to calculate different parts of the treadmill at once. Please read the instruction manual. It advises you where to start and how to navigate the vehicle. Click CLEAR after completing a diagnostic procedure.


NordicTrack treadmills are made by the same company, and they share the same software and other components. The reset button or hole is located under the console. To press the button, you’ll need a Q-tip or equivalent object. Pushing it initiates a system reset.

Sole Fitness:

A reset can be initiated by pressing and holding down the stop key for around three seconds.

When you’re done, your owner’s manual provides instructions on how to reset the device. It will be available on the suppliers’ websites if you can’t find it or don’t have access to one. It’s possible to find what you’re looking for online because of this. A phone call may be all it takes to get things back on track.