Using a treadmill is one of the most accessible forms of exercise for the vast majority of individuals. People of various ages, heights, and weights can benefit from this incredible machine’s health-improving capabilities.

And if you’re going to utilise a treadmill to improve your fitness, you’ll need to know how to use the treadmill’s control panel.

As a beginner treadmill user, you may find your machine’s control panel confusing, so I’ve put together this guide to help you get the most out of it. Let’s get started, shall we?

Have an Eye on Instruction Manual

To begin, find a spot on the treadmill that seems natural for you. Knowing how the treadmill controls work can help you do this. Either read the instruction manual or watch the video tutorials to get the hang of things. You can also ask your personal trainer for assistance.

Learning how to use the inclination and speed buttons is critical. If that’s the case, you’d better get on the treadmill. Before you begin using the treadmill, be sure you understand how to turn it on and off.

Also, familiarise yourself with the treadmill’s manual buttons and the console’s control panel.

All of these small steps will help you get the most out of your treadmill.

Taking Safety Measure

In terms of safety, you need to take things seriously. The treadmill will be an important tool in your quest to improve your overall physical health and fitness. And it wouldn’t be a wise move to ignore a little if you wind up hurting yourself.

Knowing the function of the emergency button and which one it is is essential. It’s a red key on some treadmills. You can use this safety key before you start the treadmill.

You can take it out whenever you’re feeling fatigued. As soon as it’s finished, of course. Pressing the red button, if you have one, will do the trick.

Adjust the Height of the Control Panel

The ‘Height Up’ and ‘Height Down’ buttons on the control panel can be used to adjust the panel’s height. Keep in mind that you will receive the best results by selecting the ideal height for your needs. Increase the height by pressing “Height Up,” and decrease the height by pressing “Height Down.”

Starting the Treadmill

Either the side of the button with the word “Start” inscribed on it or the top of the button will reveal the start button.

You must push the Start or On button in order to activate this piece of equipment. And at that point, the machine will be ready to go.

There are treadmills in the gym that have a green button for starting the workout.

Choose a Program

If this is your first time using this machine, we recommend that you begin with the preset programme. When it comes to becoming acclimated to a treadmill, you’ll be put through a series of important stages that include warm-ups, cool-downs, and more.

Set the Incline level

If you’re just starting off, you’ll want to avoid hitting this incline. But I’ll tell you a little bit about this function just to give you an idea.

Ten percent inclination is possible on some treadmills. A short, incline-based walk will help you burn calories quickly.

The incline button may have ‘+’ and ‘-‘ signs on it as part of an up and down indicator signal. In order to raise the incline, push the up button; if you like the treadmill to be flat, press the down button.

Take a test run

You should be able to operate your treadmill’s control panel by now. Although experts advise you to have a test run before commencing your treadmill training routine, this isn’t always necessary.

As a result, you can now proceed with the first step I described in the introduction. Make sure you go through each step one at a time to avoid making any mistakes.

After completing each step, you are good to go.


Once you’ve completed your test run, you can begin your treadmill walking session. You now have the ability to fine-tune the speed and other aspects to meet your specific needs. However, if you’re looking for a treadmill that’s best suited for walking, check out our list of walking treadmills.

Some other settings of a treadmill’s control panel

Here is some additional information I’d like to share with you. So that you can get a clear picture of what you’re doing and get the most out of the control panel.

So, without further ado, here is the data for your review.

Advanced Level Program

Although you should not hit or move for the hardest level as a beginner. However, as time goes on, you’ll be able to exert greater control on your physical well-being.

Hill Incline

Around the start of a hill mode workout, the incline will be moderate, and at the halfway point, it will peak. Then the incline will begin to decline.

Fat Burning Mode

You’ll be able to burn more fat with this programme than with any other because it’s more efficient. In addition to size, To burn more fat, this programme focuses on increasing your speed.


Efforts are being made to improve heart and lungs. In this setting, the pace can fluctuate, but the inclination does not change. Ideal for a cardio workout.


Lower body flex and tone can be achieved by strength training. Once the maximum speed is reached, the speed begins to decrease. And the incline continues to rise.


To make your workout more challenging, this setting will give you 45-55-second intervals. For a short while, the speed will be high and slow, but it will quickly return to its original speed. So that’s how stuff goes around in a roundabout way.

Heart rate control

Your treadmill may not have an option for this. A chest strap is available on various treadmills. Using this device, you can keep tabs on your heart rate as you work out.

A pulse metre can also be found mounted to the treadmill grips in some models. The outcome will be displayed on the monitor as well.

 Things you need to know while using a treadmill’s control panel

The first time you see your control panel, you may find yourself fending it off a bit. But don’t worry, you can begin exploring the primary controls right away. In other words, the power switch.

Keep your composure and select the pre-programmed option. It is touted to be the best treadmill for you to begin your workout with.

Getting used to the new panel may be a bit of a challenge, but that’s fine. This is something that every gym hitter goes through when they first start out. As a result, it’s best that you avoid becoming overly concerned about it.

The treadmill can be stopped at any time. For your protection, the red safety key is at your disposal. Pull it out of the keyhole using your fingers.

All of your important data, such as distance travelled and calories expended, will be lost if you suddenly stop. In addition, you must recalculate the entire amount of time you’ve spent on the treadmill.

Also remember that the treadmill control panel’s height can be adjusted as described in the section on control panel height modification.

You must also keep a constant rate of movement. Don’t put yourself under too much stress. As your fitness improves, so does your ability to go faster. If you don’t, you run the risk of injuring your knee or foot.