You’ll see benefits quickly if you walk on a treadmill for thirty minutes a day. In terms of reducing belly fat, treadmills really are that good of a tool. You can give it your all on the treadmill, but that’s not the whole story.

Can you lose belly fat by running on a treadmill?

Yes, you can do that. Even though running outdoors is an excellent exercise, treadmills are an excellent alternative in several ways. Running on a treadmill is less taxing on your joints, which is why it’s the ideal choice for those who are very overweight.

Using a treadmill not only helps to reduce belly fat, but it also has the added benefit of reducing visceral fat over time. Treadmill running also prevents deep belly fat from returning even if you gain weight in the future. Visit a San Diego gym to see for yourself just how excellent treadmills are if this article has persuaded you to try them out.

How Long Should I Run on The Treadmill To Lose Belly Fat?

The optimal time period for reducing belly fat should be mentioned first. When it comes to utilising a treadmill to shed pounds around your midsection, being consistent is vital.

An effective way to reduce abdominal fat is to perform a 30-minute treadmill run on a daily basis.

To assist you better manage your time, we’ve outlined the following steps:

Step 1: Walk for a couple of minutes

The first step is to walk for a few minutes to get your body warmed up. A shock or harm will be avoided as a result.

Step 2: Ensure a consistent run for 30 minutes

You must run continuously for 30 minutes after warming up. The heart rate and metabolism will be boosted, and fat will be burned as a result.

Running for 30 minutes at a steady pace can be a challenge for a novice. In other words, the best strategy is to begin slowly and gradually increase your speed as your stamina allows.

To summarise, the best technique to lose stubborn belly fat is to do a solid 30-minute treadmill run.

After the 30-minute workout, a 15–30-minute low-intensity stroll can be added to improve outcomes, although it is optional.

How long does it take to burn belly fat using a treadmill?

Individuals and bodies have different responses to this question. As with many things, some people experience effects right away, while others may have to wait a little longer.

Everyone who works out or wants to lose belly fat is eager to see results, but the key is to remain consistent and dedicated throughout the process.

All of your efforts will be for naught if you fail to maintain your focus and resolve.

Most people begin to see a reduction in their lower belly pooch after 3-6 weeks.

Keep working hard if you haven’t seen any improvements after six weeks.

However, the outcomes will ultimately come to light, so be sure to eat a healthy diet.

Moderate Intensity Workout

Those who are new to exercising out but want to lose belly fat should begin with a moderate-intensity routine.

After warming up for 10 minutes at a moderate effort, a moderate-intensity treadmill workout is completed by raising the speed for roughly 20 minutes. The workout now lasts for 30 minutes.

Treadmill walking can be added to the prior 30 minutes at any time.

This means that the total amount of time spent working out will be 60 minutes.

Beginners can benefit from this because they aren’t used to high-intensity training.

Consistently performing workouts of a moderate level is not only doable, but it also yields the required benefits.

Incline Workout

You can increase the difficulty of your workouts by using the inclination feature on a treadmill.

As a result, your workout will be more intense, resulting in an increase in your calorie expenditure.

Beginners can begin to incorporate incline workouts into their regimens once they have mastered moderate-intensity workouts.

For the first 15 to 20 minutes, use the incline option to warm up before working out.

For a minimum of 30 minutes, you should engage in resistance training.

As a result, the training time is shorter than if you were doing a moderate-intensity workout.

The heart rate often rises faster during an incline workout.

High-Intensity Interval Workout

The High-Intensity Interval Workout is another popular treadmill workout.

During this workout, you run hard for a brief period of time before slowing down for a longer period to catch your breath.

So you can do a high-intensity interval workout for 40-60 seconds, followed by a 1-2 minute rest period.

The High-Intensity Workout can last anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes, depending on your stamina. However, if you can, aim for a time of at least one hour.

Treadmill operation

Running on a treadmill doesn’t take much effort. It is located in the front of the treadmill where all the buttons are.

Some machines have a computerised display that indicates the time, calories burned, and even the user’s heart rate.

Use the controls to change the speed. The pace can be altered to suit your needs.

Different workouts may be done on treadmills thanks to a variety of pre-programmed options.

You can find a suitable feature or programme by reading the user handbook.

Meal Plan

Working out is great, but it will be ineffective if you don’t prepare your meals ahead of time.

Cut out sugar

Sugar is the first item you need to eliminate from your diet. Sugary drinks and junk food will be out of the picture for the duration of the challenge.

You won’t crave sugar anymore after you eliminate it from your diet.

Track your diet

Secondly, you must go on a calorie-restricted diet in order to achieve weight loss. Consuming less calories than the body needs to maintain itself is known as a “calorie deficit” diet.

After reducing the amount of calories you consume, your body will begin to use stored fat as a source of energy.

Eat more proteins

For those who are concerned about their weight, protein is an excellent source of energy that does not wreak havoc on their diet.

It is possible to eat more protein while consuming less calories without sacrificing your ability to perform at a high level.


There are several problems that can be caused by excess belly fat, such as heart disease, diabetes and insulin resistance, as well as fatty liver disease.

Treadmills are advantageous since they are excellent for cardiovascular workouts. ‘

It strengthens all of the body’s muscles. To combat persistent belly fat, it can also be utilised.