Despite its lack of foldability, the Sole TT8 is an excellent treadmill. It’s possible that this treadmill isn’t for you if you live in an apartment or have a restricted quantity of devoted workout space. The TT8 treadmill’s 22-inch (56-cm) tread track is a fun fact about the machine.

Because of the wider track, you can cover greater distances and work up a sweat without having to pay close attention to where you are on the treadmill. To make you feel like you’re actually conquering hills, Sole’s wide belt has six levels of simulated downhill running, in addition to the uphill support included in all of their products.

Overall Quality

A number of intriguing features make Sole’s TT8 ideal for both home and light commercial use. Sole’s TT8 treadmill has variable incline and decline settings, a cushioned whisper deck, and a high-grade steel frame that comes with a lifetime warranty.

To ensure that you can get up and running immediately, Sole’s treadmill range has a powerful engine that includes 4.0 continuous horsepower. Its Whisper Deck System decreases strain and impact to the joints by 40%. Customers will be able to use their treadmill for many years to come thanks to the treadmill’s heavy-duty steel structure.

This frame has a 400 lb weight capacity, which means it can securely handle most users. The Bluetooth speakers and USB ports on the TT8 from Sole let you to play music from your mobile devices right on the console.

Additionally, the Sole TT8 has a built-in tablet holder, allowing you to utilise your phone or tablet while working out. The built-in side controls on the handrails of the TT8 make mid-workout adjustments a breeze, making it even more convenient.

Things we like

  • a strong and durable framework
  • a bigger area to run
  • warranty

Things we dislike

  • ten pre-installed applications
  • has to have its own area set aside for it


The 4.0 horsepower engine is among the strongest on the market and can handle heavy exercise, interval training, and intensive conditioning. An industrial-grade 4.0 horsepower motor features a large, heavy flywheel to help minimise the motor’s torque. For light-commercial use, the TT8 can be used for up to five hours each day.

It’s a wonderful treadmill for people who are training for marathons, triathlons, or other endurance events at home. It also works effectively in households with several users, each with a varying level of conditioning. Anyone with mobility or joint concerns will appreciate the smooth descent and low step-up height, while your college track star will benefit from the powerful engine.

As a result of the treadmill’s motor, incline and decline may be achieved, and the treadmill’s pace can be maintained and adjusted at any time. The motor doesn’t cause any lag when you’re inclining or changing pace. In addition to being extremely silent, the TT8 is also surprisingly easy on the feet.

As a result of how quiet and smooth it is, we had to get out of the machine to confirm that it was in fact inclined or not. Because of the motor’s smooth operation, you don’t need to grip the handrails for support when changing speeds or slope.

What We Like:

  • High quality parts: Shows displays Sole’s roots in the light commercial treadmill market with the TT8 Heavy-duty components like the commercial deck and thick-belted motor ensure years of trouble-free operation. With the TT8’s three-inch rollers, the treadmill’s contact area is more than that of other treadmills, which reduces friction on the belt and extends the life of the motor and belt.
  • Track size: Sole TT8 gets its moniker from its extra-wide track, which measures a full 22 inches across. 60-inch-long running strides are accommodated by the track’s length. This is the largest track size offered by Sole Fitness and the majority of other manufacturers.
  • Track quality: Maintenance is minimised because to the self-lubricating tread track. The TT8’s track contains four layers, comprising nylon, rubber, and PVC, as opposed to the single ply of cheaper treads. Static electricity does not build up and is not readily overstretched thanks to this combination.
  • Low Step-Up Height:The low step-up height of eight inches makes it safe and simple for treadmill users to get on and off the machine.
  • Motor:The Sole TT8 Treadmill features a commercial-grade 4.0 CHP motor that is covered by a lifetime guarantee. Interval training and sprinting are supported by the motor’s 12 mph top speed.
  • Incline and Decline:Calorie burning and cardiovascular exercise are made more difficult by the track’s inclination, which rises to a maximum of 15 percent. The decline can also be as much as 6%.
  • Convenient Arm Buttons:Only a few treadmills now on the market have arm buttons that can be used to change the treadmill’s pace and incline.
  • Deck: Up to 40% less joint impact can be achieved by using Sole’s CushionFlex Whisper Deck technology as compared to running on the ground outside. The high-quality deck also reduces the noise of workout impact and is reversible for double the life duration.
  • High capacity: The maximum user weight on this small commercial treadmill is 400 pounds.
  • Big screen: Sole’s most advanced graphic display is used to provide exercise data on a 10.1-inch screen. Additionally, the trainee’s tablet or smartphone can be used to monitor their workout progress.
  • Preset Workouts:All of these features are available in ten different modes, including manual mode and user-created workouts. Profiles and custom routines can be saved for up to two users.
  • Audio: In addition to the built-in speakers, the Sole TT8 may be connected through Bluetooth.
  • Warranty: Sole Fitness treadmill warranties are the best in the industry. Frame, motor, and deck of the new Sole TT8 Light Commercial Treadmill are all covered by a lifetime warranty for both home and light commercial use. Five years of parts coverage and two years of in-home labour are included in the residential warranty. The light commercial warranty covers parts and labour for three years.
  • Storage Space:The TT8 comes equipped with a tablet/phone holder, two side pockets, a central storage tray, and three additional pockets.
  • Extras: Incorporated tablet holder, Bluetooth speakers, and a USB port are just a few of the features available.
  • Responsive Customer Service-Customer care is available by phone or email despite the lack of a chat feature.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Large footprint: The Sole TT8 requires a wide workout area because of its 36-inch by 82-inch deck. It’s about the size of a regular gym treadmill, so it’s unlikely to be suitable for home usage.
  • Underpowered Fans: It’s nice to have two fans, but the ventilation isn’t quite as good as you’d like with only one.

Our Verdict:

In addition to being constructed to last, Sole treadmills come with extensive warranties. The TT8 Light Commercial Treadmill is perfect for light commercial fitness centres and office park workout rooms. It may last a generation or more in a home gym. Even yet, a lower-priced Sole like the F80 or F85 will do for many residential customers who want to save money without sacrificing quality.