No one enjoys the smell of a treadmill that’s been on fire for too long. When a treadmill becomes too hot, it can start smoking, and this isn’t limited to the motor. Burning rubber emits a noxious odour that is difficult to ignore. If you can avoid it, it’s one to steer clear of. Because treadmills emit a distinct burning odour, it’s critical to identify the source of the problem and any solutions that could be available before making any decisions.

What Is The Smell Coming From My Treadmill

Belts and other elements of the treadmill are the most likely sources for treadmill odour. If you notice a distinct burning smell coming from your treadmill, it’s important to remember that this isn’t always indicative of a malfunctioning component, such as on a stove or oven.

If you notice an odour coming from the treadmill and it’s coming from somewhere else in the house or outside, you may need to change parts on your treadmill.

If there is a burning scent coming from the exterior or an adjacent room, you should investigate more.

– See if the source of the burning smell has a vent, and if so, see if your furnace filter needs to be changed.

If the source is unknown, don’t bother trying to fix it; you may never find out what’s wrong.

The Walking Belt and Deck

Due to Lack of Lubrication

Your belt and deck rub against each other ferociously if you don’t clean and oil them. This intense friction causes a spike in heat. The burning smell may be caused by the rubber being burned away by the heat. The treadmill’s electrical components may fail if there is too much friction, resulting in a buildup of static electricity.

Every year or so, treadmills should be greased. In certain cases, treadmill manufacturers don’t recommend putting lubricants to their models because they already have a lubrication coating on them. The NordicTrack c990 and c 700 treadmills and the proform performance 300i treadmill are examples of these.

Make sure to check your treadmill’s manual and set your treadmill on a mat to absorb any surplus static electricity before you begin your workout. Keep an eye out for any signs of wear and tear on your belt or deck, and replace them if necessary.

Due to Excessive/Improper Use

The more you use the treadmill, the more wear and tear it gets and the more maintenance it needs. For those who use their treadmill for more than three hours a day, it’s important to follow proper maintenance practises.

The burning smell can also be brought on by overloading your treadmill beyond its design limit. When you exceed the weight limit given by the manufacturer, the motor is forced to work harder and consumes more power. The burning smell is caused by the power board trying to provide this, which finally causes it to overheat and melt.

So that you don’t unintentionally go over the maximum weight limit, we’ve included the weight capacity of each treadmill in our reviews, like the Proform 505 CST and the Weslo.

How To Get Rid Of The Smell

If you’ve just purchased a treadmill, contact the manufacturer to inquire about a warranty.

The treadmill should not be used to run at an inconsistent speed in order to avoid unpleasant sounds and scent.

Running barefoot on your treadmill might help eliminate any dirt that may have accumulated between the belt and the motor cover.

Remove the treadmill’s cord after each use and replace it with a new one.

To reduce the risk of fire or electrocution from a damaged or torn power cable, which could produce a short circuit and generate an electrical spark, power cords should be replaced at least once a year.

Outdoor treadmills should only be used if you know they will not be ruined by rain.

The ground may be too wet or muddy for you to run outside, so you should wait to utilise an outside treadmill until it stops raining.

Professional help may be required to fix your machine’s engine or belt system if you notice a stench and other concerns, such as an uneven walking surface, with your machine.

Removing any remaining debris from the machine or floor after a new belt has been installed is a good idea.

Electronics Advice – Treadmill Died

If your treadmill has stopped working, an electrician’s advise is that the problem is most likely with the treadmill’s circuitry.

Prior to contacting an electrician or making a new machine purchase, you should inspect your power supply for any loose wires.

Disconnect the treadmill from the wall outlet and double-check that all of the cords are still firmly attached..

You may need to replace a belt or any other tiny part on your treadmill if the power supply is operating well and all of your cables are securely linked, then have this done by an experienced technician before taking any more serious steps, such as purchasing a new treadmill.

The Motor

Due to Obstruction

Motor and cooling fan overheat if they become clogged with dust and hair over a long period of time.

If you have dogs or keep your treadmill outside, you should clean the engine at least twice a year to prevent this. To avoid further damage, blow out the motor with pressurised air or use a handheld vacuum to clear out the debris.

Due to Burning the Motor Core

Using a cardboard core for a drive motor’s belt can result in the motor’s core being burned through if the belt heats up enough. This is a common problem in low-quality treadmills, and the entire motor must be replaced if it occurs.

Due to a Shortage

If your motor smells like it’s on fire even though the core is fine and you’ve cleaned it carefully, there may be a problem with the motor itself.


Why Does My Treadmill Motor Get Hot

It is possible that the Treadmill motor is overheating for a number of reasons. The treadmill may not be level enough for both walking and running, which might induce overheating because one side is exerting more effort than the other against a sloping surface.

Adjusting the treadmill’s incline angle first, and then making sure the running belt is level, is the most common solution to this issue.

How Do I Know If My Treadmill Motor Is Overheating?

Alarms on treadmills are activated when temperatures reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit or 60 degrees Celsius in the vicinity of a heat sensor on the treadmill. If your machine doesn’t have an alarm, but you can feel the engine through the metal shell and it feels very warm, there may be a problem with your machine.

How Do I Fix My Treadmill When Its Overheating?

It is usually a good idea to have a certified service expert perform any treadmill repairs or adjustments, as they will not only know how to identify the problem, but they will also know what parts you need and can provide a warranty.