One of the best-reviewed treadmills on the internet, the Branx Fitness Elite Runner Pro Treadmill features a 22 percent power incline, up to 24 km/h belt speed, and 19 pre-set exercise programmes.

An examination of the design elements, entertainment alternatives, and consumer feedback are all considered in this assessment.

Where Are Branx Treadmills Manufactured?

Branx Treadmills are made in the United Kingdom by Branx.

Functions and Performance

The Elite Runner Pro has a number of premium and commercial-grade features, as noted above. With a top speed of 21 km/h, the car can handle any sprinting challenge.

With the Elite Runner Pro’s 22-Level automatic inclination function, you can now incorporate high-intensity hill sprint intervals into your workouts.

You’ll be able to measure your workouts, including time, distance, calories, and even heart rate, thanks to a range of pre- and manual-programmed options.

There is a fan on this system, but don’t expect it to accomplish anything. The pause button is the sole omission otherwise. The following is an update for the year 2020: Branx Fitness responded to customer input by modifying the Elite Runner Pro to include a Pause button.. If you need to get some water from the kitchen or take a little break from your workout, this feature is really convenient.

Noise Levels

The more expensive treadmills, like this one, excel in the area of low noise. Our reviewers were impressed with the Branx exercise treadmill’s quietness. It is only the sound of your footsteps as you run that is audible, thanks to the suspension system’s cushioning.

You can watch TV or listen to music while running, and Branx Elite Pro won’t bother others in next rooms or on other levels.

Size and Weight

The weight and dimensions of the Branx Fitness Treadmill Elite Runner Pro are as follows:

  • It measures 1900 x 800 x 1320mm when it’s put together (length, width, and height).
  • Dimensions when folded: 820 x 800 x 1500mm
  • (L x W x H) 1850 x 820 380mm
  • 1400 x 480mm of running deck space
  • Weight in Box: 100 lbs.

Folded proportions are significantly less than package dimensions, so you can easily keep it in a bedroom, lounge, or other shared area without it taking up much space.

Assembly and Delivery

The Branx treadmill can be delivered within 48 hours if purchased in the United Kingdom, while deliveries to the British Isles can take up to five business days.

The Elite Runner Pro is a pre-assembled treadmill, unlike many cheaper models. Screws are all that are needed to secure the major components in their upright position.

Which is a good thing, since manual isn’t the best option (and this is a criticism of almost all treadmill manufacturers). In any event, you should be able to put everything together in around 20 minutes or so. When putting things together, it’s helpful to have a second person on hand to hold items in place.

When unfolding the running desk, you don’t have to support its weight because the folding mechanism is hydraulically assisted. When folded, it can also be conveniently transported by a single person.

Branx Fitness Elite Runner Pro – Features Summary

  • max speed is 23kph (14.3mph)
  • Three-hundred and thirty-five horsepower
  • A range of 0 to 22% auto inclination
  • There are 19 different programmes available.
  • Dual Shock 10-Point Absorption System-cushioned foldable treadmill.
  • Quality control and zero-defect manufacturing.
  • Useable running space of 140x52cm, pre-assembled in packing for minimal assembly.
  • The large and clear 7-inch LCD display shows Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Pulse, Incline, and other vital metrics.
  • Audio jack for MP3s with top-notch speakers
  • There are also SD Card and USB ports available.


  • Exceptional customer service
  • A good shock absorption system will reduce the stress on your hips and knees.
  • A 56-inch-long running surface can accommodate users of various heights, up to and including 6 feet.
  • Many reviewers say that the running belt was already tensioned and adjusted when they received their treadmill.
  • For a comparable price, the slope and speed options on this machine are more complex than many others.
  • Using a display console is a breeze when you have easy-to-understand controls.
  • There are a vast range of workouts available.


  • The fan is receiving only a little amount of power.
  • It’s possible that some of the treadmill’s fragile elements were broken during shipping, although this doesn’t seem to happen very often with treadmills. When something goes wrong, Branx is fast to respond and fix it. It’s a good idea to check out client reviews to see how well their customer service is rated!


Overall, I am satisfied with the Branx Elite Runner Pro. It is not gym-quality, but it is able to manage my current level of fitness easily. The system is stable and can happily run for over an hour without showing any signs of trouble (yet).

My disappointment grows more I think about it, but it’s not a deal-breaker for me. When it comes to steep inclines, this may be the wrong product for you. You may need to pay extra for a trustworthy steep incline.

I’m not a fan of the incline, but there’s no treadmill in this price range that has more than three horsepower of continuous power. For me, the NordicTrack S30 and the ProForm Pro 1000 are the closest competitors, but their inclination ranges are just 10% and 12%, respectively.

Although it will be fascinating to see how other home treadmills measure up, I believe the Branx is a fantastic investment and would happily suggest it to anyone, regardless of fitness level.

Although it lacks some of the more high-tech features, such as smart capabilities, other brands’ high-quality construction and a powerful motor assure that this machine will last for many years to come.

Although I have not had the opportunity to test out the warranty’s customer service, I can tell you that it comes with a two-year parts and labour warranty and a five-year frame and engine warranty.