Fitness equipment from DKN Technology, a leading European manufacturer, is known for its quality and style.

Between £800 and £1000, their treadmills are targeted at the middle to upper end of their market. A lot of the time, they have a better specification than comparable computers.

The T-Series treadmills are rising in popularity because of its mix of rock-solid build quality, simple operation, and a wide variety of built-in workout programmes.

It’s unlikely that anything will go wrong with DKN devices, which are made to last. Parts and labour are covered for two years on all of the models that we have tested.

Because these machines are so well-built and engineered, they will last much beyond their warranty duration. Putting together a DKN machine is no more complicated than putting together a similar-priced equipment. With a little practise, flat-pack furniture may be assembled without difficulty.

DKN treadmills consistently receive positive reviews from our reviewers. If you can afford it, you’ll get what you pay for with these machines. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, these shoes are comfortable to run on as well.

Where Are Dkn Treadmills Mae?


DKN is a Belgian company with a developing reputation for producing high-end devices with appealing aesthetics.

DKN EzRun Treadmill Specs

The EzRun is a powerful machine. Even if it isn’t necessary, the hydraulic folding mechanism is pleasant to have. It comes with a mechanical incline, a good running area, and a tonne of functionality.

Let’s get started with the folding portion of things.

Sizeable jogging tracks are available. It has a length of 140cm, which implies that even athletes who are over six feet tall can use it comfortably. Additionally, it’s one of the widest at this price point, making it ideal for larger athletes. Everyone should be able to use the EzRun with ease.

The EzRun’s footprint is surprisingly small considering its broader scope, thanks to DKN. It’s 183cm x 143cm x 85cm when unfolded. It’s not a pigmy, but it’s a lot smaller than you’d expect based on its usage. If you want to store it, it’s small enough to fit in a backpack or satchel.

Some people may be put off by the 1.75 HP continuous duty motor, which may reach 3.5 HP at its max output. Another JTX model has a lot more power than this one. The JTX Sprint 7 can match it in terms of speed, but the JTX Sprint 7 can only match it in terms of speed when it reaches 20 KPH (which should be more than enough for even the fastest runners).

As far as I can tell, the mechanical inclines are good. There are 12 levels to select from when adjusting it manually (0-12 percent ). The EzRun’s 15 pre-programmed programmes can also be used to control the EzRun. The treadmill is also Kinomap-compatible, allowing you to customise the treadmill’s slope to match your path.

An enormous, well-lit centre console manages it all. It’s easy to make adjustments while running because the buttons are all easily accessible in the middle of the race. Your heart rate will be shown on the console if the centre bars’ pulse sensors pick it up. If you’d rather use a chest strap, the EzRun features Polar connectivity as well (this will also enable you to follow any one of three specific heart rate pre-set programmes, keeping you always within your target heart range, making weight management that much easier.)

As with any other cardio equipment, the console displays standard physiological data, such as the user’s heart rate, calories burnt, time spent exercising, and the like. The console contains a 5-inch screen, so you can see everything clearly as you work out. Built-in speakers and an AUX connector for device connectivity are also included. Bluetooth is also available. With the purchase of this item, you’ll also receive a tablet holder and two water bottle holders.

This is a substantial machine as we’ve already established. In fact, it weighs in at 86 kg, which is more than most athletes are capable of carrying. As a result of this, it provides a level of stability that isn’t typically found in folding treadmills, and the rear wheels make repositioning the machine much easier. Despite the fact that it has a maximum user weight of 130 kilogrammes, everyone up to this point will feel comfortable and secure in the hands of the high-quality, heavy-duty build.

Incline and Cushioning

Automatic inclination is a huge benefit. This adds variety to your jogging routine and increases the intensity of your cardio workout. The gradient on the DKN EzRun may reach a maximum of 12 percent. The incline is automatically reset, so you don’t have to worry about that. This does imply that there will be programmes that include this in the middle of the session. If you’re planning on running a course with a variety of terrain, this app is ideal.

Running on a cushioned surface is not something you’ll find on a budget model. The running belt is thicker than on many other versions, providing a stronger grip.


If you’re an experienced runner, stay away from the EzRun. The inclines aren’t challenging enough, and it’s still a folding treadmill, despite its solid construction. A stationary variant would be more suited for advanced runners.

However, it’s ideal for runners in the novice to intermediate range who want to strike a balance between their training needs and the convenience of doing so in their own homes. In addition, it is ideal for heavier athletes who want to reduce weight safely and quickly by building a calorie deficit.

All of the features you’ll need, from connectivity to pre-programmed workouts to built-in safety features and a running belt large enough to accommodate your stride length and strength will keep you going strong no matter how long or powerful your stride is.