In addition to the ICON Health and Fitness family, FreeMotion Fitness is yet another. Also, it’s one of the most stuffy brands to bring to an ICON family gathering. All of ICON’s other budget brands can’t compete with the performance of FreeMotion treadmills.

The most opulent FreeMotion treadmill comes equipped with an Android-powered 10-inch colour touchscreen (and if you pay extra ICON will through in an HDTV). An LED console and a vertical foldable design are included in the entry-level FreeMotion machine. This brand has a wide range of products, but they all attempt to provide a high-end experience.

The FreeMotion treadmills from Four are well-equipped. The 730, 790, Reflex t7.7, and Reflex t11.8 are the models in question. The treadmills in the Reflex series are pricey, but the rest of the machines are excellent. There is a starting price of $1299 and a maximum price tag of over $8,000. Wait for a discount if you want to get your hands on one of these stunning pieces.

Where Are Freemotion Treadmills Made?

Logan, Utah’s iFIT Health & Fitness headquarters will be the new home of Freemotion. 2009. Boost in technology. iFIT shows on the console for the first time.

Who Manufacturers Freemotion Treadmills?

General Information: It’s terrible that Freemotion was previously known as Ground Zero Fitness after being acquired by Icon at the turn of the century. Because of this, the company’s strength supplement was renamed to Freemotion, which made sense. Many clubs swear by, not at, their Freemotion units after a smooth transition.

NordicTrack-quality performance at home with the infamous Icon service included.

Manufacturing Philosophy: Icon, the firm behind Freemotion, has thousands of people and a sizable budget. In a nutshell, they have the best-designed machinery in the industry. Icon has a lengthy and illustrious history that shows how the big keep growing.

Icon used to be the go-to brand for the masses because of their low prices, but its products used to be of the highest quality as well. In today’s world, machines are built to last and crammed with functions. In light of Amazon’s low-cost treadmills, we can no longer claim that Icon is the worst customer care provider in the fitness industry. We rank the machines based on the quality of their individual machines, not their service quality.

Company Outlook:

With annual sales over $1 billion, Icon is the world’s largest manufacturer of fitness equipment. Icon is so powerful that if the fitness industry were a solar system, they would be the Sun. They are the most reliable in terms of stability, but their customer service falls far short of that of the smaller volume producers.

However, despite the low price of the goods, you get value service, so consider this while purchasing their machines—apparently they sell their machines so low that they don’t have any money left for service. Since they produce so many items, we are often called in for support where this factory leaves off.

What We Like

  • iFit Ready:iFit may be used with any of the four treadmills from FreeMotion Fitness. iFit provides a wide range of workout choices, including personal trainers, treadmill races, Google Maps trails, and more. It doesn’t matter if you don’t use iFit; the treadmills come with at least nine pre-set routines.
  • Motors:Treadmill motors made by FreeMotion are among the most powerful on the market. When it comes to power, the 730 sports a 3.0 HP motor, while the t11.8 has 5.0 HP! Most importantly, FreeMotion’s motors don’t produce any noise or vibration at all.
  • Consoles:Touchscreens, Android browsers, and televisions are all standard features on three of the FreeMotion treadmill consoles, but the other two do not. An beautiful LED with many data panes can be found on even the most basic model (the 730).
  • Inclines & Declines: Replicating outside terrain by tilting up and down is what makes the greatest treadmills available on the market. Incline training is more effective in burning calories and toning muscles than standard treadmill training. In addition to the 15 percent tilt, FreeMotion Fitness treadmills can also drop by up to 3%.
  • Tracks: A minimum of 58″ is required for all FreeMotion treadmill tracks to function. Additional padding for joint protection is provided by the Reflex series, which has 22″ broad tracks. Durable two-ply tracks are mounted on large rollers.
  • Wireless Monitoring: Both Polar wireless compatibility and full wireless telemetry can be found on all four FreeMotion machines.
  • Fans:For runners, a cooling fan can make all the difference. The fan on each treadmill from FreeMotion Fitness may be set to a variety of speeds. In comparison to most treadmill fans, the t11.8’s fan is 8″ tall.
  • Foldable: These models may be folded to save on floor space.

Drawbacks of Freemotion Treadmills

Price –Let’s face it: these treadmills aren’t in the least bit affordable. On its website, Freemotion doesn’t even mention their prices. However, a treadmill from Freemotion can set you back close to $10,000.

Warranty –For a high-end brand, their guarantee doesn’t measure up. The frame is covered for seven years, the parts and console for two years, the labour for one year, and the cosmetics for six months. With a treadmill that costs more than $4,000, you’ll want a long-term warranty. Unfortunately, Freemotion does not have such capability.

Customer Service – Again, we would expect a customer care department that is attentive and responsive for a company that charges such a high fee. Customer support at Freemotion has been criticised repeatedly by users for its poor quality. In addition, it has been noted that contacting their customer support to file a warranty claim is close to impossible because of their service team’s poor response time.

Are Freemotion Treadmills Worth the Splurge?

Because of this, it is crucial to keep in mind that the negatives of Freemotion treadmills are only a few in number when compared to the pros, but they are still critical when selecting exercise equipment.

A treadmill that is reasonably priced, comes with a good warranty, and provides excellent customer service is what most people are looking for when purchasing one. There’s no point in buying a high-quality gadget if you can’t afford it (because of its high price), the warranty is poor, or the brand won’t help you out if something goes wrong.

Freemotion treadmills are top-notch, however we recommend looking into other ICON brands with similar quality components and better warranties and customer reviews. NordicTrack and ProForm are the most similar brands in terms of components and technological aspects.

You can also gain access to iFit when you buy a treadmill from NordicTrack or ProForm. This feature is an important one for Freemotion treadmills.

There are a lot of similarities across the brands because they are all created in the same factory and offer the same exercise technological benefits. However, the two are only separated by a few thousand dollars.

Our Verdict

The t11.8 is the top-of-the-line treadmill from FreeMotion. If you could afford it, it would be a dream come true to acquire, but it’s simply not worth the $8000 MSRP. An iPad dock and a high-quality NordicTrack treadmill look like a better option.

It’s worth a look at the FreeMotions 730 and 790 treadmills, though. One of the best smartphones on the market is the 730. The 790 has a reasonable price tag and comes with 36 fitness programmes. FreeMotion is a well-known name, and they’re aware of that fact. Some of the pricing are a little too high for the premium devices that they sell. It’s best to hold off on purchasing a FreeMotion treadmill unless you see one on sale.