Buying a treadmill for your home is a pricey endeavour. Like exercise cycles and rowing machines, it is impossible to duplicate a gym workout for less than £1,000. However, with the JTX Sprint-7, you may go pretty close to it. It may not have all of the bells and whistles found on more expensive treadmills, but it gets the job done and is suitable for runners of all skill levels.

An experienced runner who runs every day with six marathons under his belt has been able to accumulate a lot of miles on his running belt in the current conditions.

Even though the machine’s greatest speed is only 12.4 mph, it is sufficient for the vast majority of runners. Its maximum speed is only 20 km/h (12.4 mph). Because of the Sprint-7’s robust 3HP engine, the belt runs smoothly even when working at the very top of its range. If the motor is weak, advertised peak speeds may not always be true, but I was able to ride the Sprint-7 for extended periods at 16-17km/h without ever feeling like I was pushing it to its limits.

Where Are Jtx Treadmills Made?

With a 3HP motor and a motorised incline of 12 percent, we were eager to test this model. We couldn’t wait to get started on this treadmill because it was made and provided by JTX Exercise, a leading British fitness equipment manufacturer.

Background Information

Located in West Sussex, the United Kingdom, JTX Fitness is a sports equipment business that sells home gym equipment. Customers can place orders with them in person or online. Treadmills, exercise cycles, and cross-trainers are just a few of the many fitness equipment models they provide, all of which are made specifically for home usage and integrate the most crucial gym features.

In addition to a wide range of videos on how to use their products, extensive product details, and specialised professional guidance, they have a stellar rating on Trust Pilot. Their delivery services are also supported by a well-established distribution network and receive world-class after-sale care. Aside from that, they provide a warranty that is among the best in the business and a money back guarantee with no questions asked that lasts for 28 days.

Premium Features:

Premium features include 8 quick start buttons, digital inclines, black diamond running belts (lasts longer than regular belts), and in-built Polar receivers for heart rate monitoring that communicates wirelessly to the JTX computer display. Running apps like Zwift Runpod allow you to interact with other runners in virtual worlds, participate in group races, and even run on real-world running tracks.

These treadmills have heavy-gauge steel and high-grade ABS elements in their frames, as well as better-quality built-in speakers to keep you motivated throughout extended runs, as well as an 8-Point suspension shock system on certain models and Bluetooth connectivity to particular training apps.


  • Roller Size: Front Roller: 2.2” / Rear Roller: 2.4″
  • Running Area: 140cm x 48cm Cushionstep™ Deck
  • Maximum speed: 18kph
  • Incline: 10%
  • Suspension: 8 Point shock system
  • Computer Console: Displays time, pulse, speed, incline, distance and calories burnt
  • App Compatibility: Kinomap
  • Workout Programs: 43 Programs
  • Heart Rate Training: Via hand pulse sensors or Polar chest strap (sold separately)
  • Power: 2.5 Horse power DC Motor
  • Folded Dimensions: 82(w)x 114(l)x 157(h)cm
  • Dimensions: 82(w)x 174(l)x 157(h)cm
  • Floor to Deck Height: 19 cm (7.5″) (Flat deck)
  • Boxed Dimensions: 197 x 86 x 33cm
  • Safety Features: Safety key for emergency stop
  • Speakers: Yes
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Max. User Weight: 120kg (18.9 stone) (265lbs)
  • Machine Weight: 78kg
  • Boxed Weight: 87kg
  • Polar compatible: Built- in Polar receiver
  • Free Accessories: Free Tablet Holder

Treadmill Terminology

Heart Monitor

Both hand sensor and wearable monitors are options for keeping tabs on your heart rate. The majority of workout machines have hand sensors that detect your pulse through the grips. Despite their usefulness as a general guide, they are rarely accurate. More accurate readings can be obtained with the use of heart rate wristbands and watches.

Target heart rate training can help with a variety of aims, from fat loss and weight loss to the development of one’s maximum aerobic capacity. Prior to beginning a workout, a specific target heart rate zone is determined by the individual. In order to stay in your target zone, you’ll need to wear a heart rate monitor or wear a watch that measures your heart rate. To keep you in your optimum heart rate zone, many exercise equipment connect to chest straps or watches and automatically modify resistance levels.


This is the belt you run on, and it’s also called the “running deck.”.

Motorised Treadmill

This treadmill has electric motors that move and tilt the surface for you while you walk or run. It is frequently used to distinguish from the cheaper, manual treadmill option. The conveyor belt on a manual treadmill is propelled by the user’s feet (not recommended).