Based on my study and the advice of some of my running pals, I opted to purchase the Kettler entry-level treadmill.

Since 1949, Kettler has become a household name. In addition to exercise machines and fitness equipment, they also provide bicycles, playground equipment, and other outdoor toys for kids. Numerous honours attest to the fact that they are experts in their field.

Run 1 is the Kettler’s entry-level treadmill. Even though it’s one of their simplest machines, the price tag isn’t cheap. Despite the fact that my motorised treadmill cost more than $200, I know that it will save me money over time.

Where Are Kettler Treadmills Made?

Founded in Ense-Parsit, Germany, Kettler (German: Kettler GmbH) is a global firm having locations in the United States, the UK, and Australia. Ride-on toys, leisure gear, patio furniture, and workout equipment are all produced by the company.

Heinz Kettler founded the firm in Parsit in 1949. Kettler began in the attic of a sawmill and has since expanded into a global production and distribution company with operations in more than 60 countries. The company was inherited by Dr. Karin Kettler, the late father of the late Heinz Kettler, in 2005. Ludger Busche is the CEO at the moment.


A safety magnet key or a safety insertion key is often missing from entry-level treadmills. There is a magnetic safety key on the Kettler Run 1. It has a magnet that holds a metal strip in place, allowing the motor to receive power.

As soon as the user removes their key from the machine’s ignition, the machine’s power is shut off. The machine will stop immediately if you fall or trip.

The Motor

A 2 CHP (1.6 HP) motor powers the Kettler Run 1 treadmill. Allows speeds of up to 10 MPH with a pretty quiet motor (16 KPH). More basic variants have a top speed of six miles per hour (MPH) (10 KPH).

When running at low speeds (the treadmill’s lowest speed is 0.5 MPH or 0.8 KPH), a powerful and long-lasting motor is essential.

This machine can carry a maximum weight of 264 pounds (120 kilogrammes), although lesser ones can typically only handle 220 pounds (90 kilogrammes). You can benefit from a bigger weight limit even if you’re not at the upper end of the machine’s capacity.

The Running Area

Kettler Run 1’s running surface measures 52″ x 18″. (132 cm x 45 cm). Consequently, it’s appropriate for all types of exercise, including walking, jogging, and even running. It is common for cheap models to come with running decks that are no more than 108″ (243 cm) long and no wider than 39″ (93 cm). For walking and jogging, that’s a sufficient area, but for running, it’s a little too tiny.

The Functionally

The LCD illuminated console appears to have few options at first glance. For the most part, you’ll only be able to control the incline/speed/time/distance via physical buttons.

As it turns out, the Kettler Run 1 capabilities are “unlocked” with two mobile apps for your smartphone, which is a big surprise.

S-FIT Technology is the first, and the most interesting element is virtual racing. So you can compete against other Kettler runners, right? The “Challenge,” “Fun,” and “Expert” options are all available (detailed data logs for athletic training).

The second app is Kettler World Tours, which helps you organise and track your indoor and outdoor training sessions. ” The most elite athletes will profit greatly from this programme.

While using the treadmill, you can modify the inclination and decline percentages from 0 to 10 percent using the electronic controls. Pulse grip sensors and wireless connectivity with chest straps are also available.


The Kettler Run 1 has a 3-year warranty on components and labour, although other basic models have a 1-year warranty. Warranty length is an indication of manufacturer confidence in a product’s longevity.

Design and Build Quality

This treadmill is one of the greatest in terms of ease of folding when it comes to a treadmill. In terms of length, width, and height (LxWxH), the treadmill is 180x78x130cm, but its folded dimensions are 101x78X157cm (LxWxH). This treadmill has a running area of 130 by 45 inches, making it suitable for use at home. Additionally, a combi ROLLER system is included, allowing it to be used with transport rollers.

So, if you ever need to use your gym as an extra guest room, all you have to do is fold it up and put it away! An electric motor provides the necessary power: El1.5/2.0 with El2.2/3.0 for maximum peak power (kW/hp). DIN EN 957-1/6, Class HB, is the German standard. And it has a weight capacity of 120 kilogrammes.


The Kettler RACE Treadmill is a long-term investment because of the above-mentioned advantages. The advantages have obviously outweighed the disadvantages, resulting in a healthy body and mind. Even though it’s inexpensive, it doesn’t skimp on the product’s quality.

As a new product, the Kettler RACE Treadmill has all of the features necessary to succeed and prosper in the market, making you the customer happy by providing results that you’ve always wanted without having to empty your pocket.. This treadmill is one of the best under $2,500 treadmills on the market.

It’s an excellent alternative for compact houses because it can be folded up and moved when extra space is needed. My particular favourite feature of the Kettler treadmill is the foldable roller transportation. This means that dinner gatherings will be a lot less packed than they used to be! Get yours now and reap the benefits for your body.