It wasn’t until the late ’70s that Life Fitness became a household name. Lifecycle, which was founded in 1977, produced the world’s first exercise equipment with computerised workout routines shortly after its inception. It was a stationary bike, yet it was still working.

After that, they began making various cardio machines, such as ergonomic treadmills and stair climbers. The Hammer Strength line of free weights, incline presses, and other long-lasting strength training equipment is also available today at this store.

Where Are Life Fitness Treadmills Made?

In addition to its Ramsey, Minn., facility, Life Fitness has manufacturing operations in Franklin Park, Ill., and Falmouth, Ky.

What We Like: – Life Fitness Home Treadmills

  • Superior Quality:With Life Fitness Home Treadmills, we’re blown away with the degree of craftsmanship. They have commercial-grade parts, such as huge track rollers that can be used on any surface and wax-free tracks, to ensure that the treadmills can be used on any surface. As a result, no matter where you live, you’ll be able to utilise your treadmill with ease. While still being up to date with the latest technological breakthroughs in gaming, their consoles are extremely user friendly. Weight capacity of the machines ranges from 200 pounds to a whopping 400 pounds for the top model. In addition, they can reach a top speed of 12 mph.
  • Track Incline: Life Fitness treadmills can incline up to 15 percent in 0.5 percent increments, which sets them apart from the competition. Smaller steps may not be available on many treadmills, which is a problem if you want to make steady progress. Increasing the inclination of the treadmill can help you burn more calories overall and ensure that you’re getting the most out of every workout.
  • Cushioning and Support: The amount of padding and support provided by a training machine is critical. The FlexDeck feature on Life Fitness treadmills lowers impact by up to 30%. Adjustable cushioning can be seen on several versions of automobiles (which is helpful if you are training for say a road race and want to mimic real road conditions).
  • The track sizes 55 to 60 inches long and 20 to 22 inches wide are the typical dimensions for Life Fitness models Take this into account before making your choice.
  • Heart Rate Monitors:When it comes to tracking your progress, Life Fitness has you covered with both contact and wireless monitors. Almost all models offer a built-in HeartSync workout programme that adjusts and adapts to your readings. Beginners will find this particularly useful.
  • Consoles: Check out our reviews of specific consoles to get a better idea of the variety of options Life Fitness has to offer. Their laptops are compatible with both Apple and Android third-party apps and normally have 13 to 16 pre-installed programmes. You’ll never get bored and your progress won’t be slowed down by monotony. With touchscreen consoles included in the Platinum Club Series, working out has never been easier.
  • Accessories: Reading racks, water bottle holders, and accessory trays are standard features on Life Fitness treadmills.
  • Motors:Life Fitness treadmills have excellent motors. MagnaDrive Motor System, 3 or 4 CHP, is silent. With this motor, the treadmill’s output is automatically adjusted to match the user’s weight.
  • Warranties: If you choose a T5 model, the frame and cushioning system are covered for life, and the motor is covered for ten years. A one-year labour guarantee is also included in the seven-year warranty on the electrical and mechanical components.
  • Safety: Electronic safety locks are provided by Life Fitness to ensure the safety of its customers.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Price:Treadmills from Life Fitness aren’t cheap. Although the costs are reasonable in light of the high quality of the items and their lengthy warranties, the majority of models are out of reach for the typical consumer.
  • Size: They’re a little bigger than the rest. For example, the T3’s footprint is 79 inches wide by 34 inches high. Although they take up almost as much room when not in use, the foldable pieces may be stored vertically to free up a few extra feet of floor space.

Our Verdict:

There are some Life Fitness treadmills that are a little pricy, but they are worth the money. Most users can count on their treadmills lasting longer than the 10-year warranty period allows them to. Life Fitness treadmills are praised by customers and fitness industry experts alike for their long-lasting durability, superior cushioning, and appealing console options.

Feeling buried under a sea of possibilities? It’s an excellent idea to start with the Life Fitness T3. The T5 is more expensive, but it’s the same treadmill for less money.

Overall Rating of Life Fitness Treadmills:

Equipment used in gyms is made by Life Fitness, which is well-known in the industry. In our testing, we found that their home equipment, particularly their treadmills, benefitted from their expertise.

I appreciate how powerful and versatile their motors are. Also, I enjoy that you can get home treadmills of commercial quality from them. Furthermore, even their most basic treadmill model feels incredibly sturdy because to their heavy-duty frames.