Johnson Health Tech’s Matrix Fitness line of high-end fitness equipment is marketed under the Matrix Fitness name. Because of their high-quality hardware and technology, Matrix treadmills are a popular choice for anyone with a budget greater than $2,000. Matrix treadmills have been used in high-end gyms for years, and the company just launched a line of treadmills that can be used at home.

Virtual Active video is a unique feature of Matrix treadmills that allows users to workout outside of their homes. Virtual Active displays beautiful scenery on your treadmill or TV screen. Traditional HD video and VR 360 video, which takes trails in 360 degrees for viewing with virtual reality equipment as you walk, jog, or run on the machine, can be used to present this. Each console has a pre-programmed fitness plan.

Where Are Matrix Treadmills Made?

At our factories in Taiwan, Shanghai and Wisconsin we use the most advanced automation and robotics techniques to manufacture our products. About 250 engineers in Asia and the United States are dedicated to new product development and innovation.

Matrix treadmill parts include:

  1. Belt Quality: You can run thousands of miles on Matrix treadmills before you need to replace the workout belt.
  2. Workout Space: The training belt of the Matrix TF30 measures 55 inches wide by 20 inches long. As a result, it’s the greatest Matrix treadmill for walkers’ budgets. The others feature 60-inch-long workout mats to accommodate runners better. Additionally, the T75 belt is wider.
  3. Horsepower: Running and interval training are no problem with these machines’ comparable horsepower. Because it has an AC motor, the T75 stands out among home treadmills.

What We Like:

The Matrix home treadmill series provides consumers with commercial-quality treadmills at an affordable price, allowing them to workout at home. Here are a few more specifics.

  • Sturdy Folding & Non-Folding Frames: Four treadmills from Matrix come with residential warranties, including two folding models and two non-folding models. Users can lift up to 400 pounds on these equipment, which are comparable to those seen in health clubs.
  • High-End Motors: Matrix treadmills use Johnson Drive motors, which are silent and come with lifetime warranties from the manufacturer. Because they continually re-calibrate the belt action with each step, these motors deliver particularly silky results. This machine has an AC motor like a gym machine, but each unit is powerful enough to allow smooth interval training and long distance running.
  • Track Quality: Thick two-ply track belts are standard on all Matrix home treadmills, ensuring quiet operation and long life. When compared to more expensive competitors, single-ply belts are much more prone to stretching and snapping than thicker, multi-ply belts. With Matrix tracks, you’ll find a wide range of surface sizes, from standard to above-average To accommodate taller runners, the TF30 is 55 inches long, while the others are 60 inches long. Except for the T75, which is 22 inches across, the tracks are all the same width at 20 inches.
  • Suspension: Treadmills made by Matrix are equipped with 1′′-thick decks supported by high-quality suspension systems. These are the same cushioning systems used on commercial gym treadmills, and they function just as well at home as they do in the gyms of commercial facilities.
  • Incline:The power incline feature on every treadmill aids in the process of building lean muscle. With Virtual Active video, the slope automatically adapts to replicate the topography depicted on screen, making it more fun to use. The T75 has a maximum elevation of 12 percent, whereas the highest models have an incline of 15 percent.
  • Consoles: There are three different gaming consoles available for each Matrix home treadmill. The XR, XER, and XIR are the three models.
    • Basic XR Console:The XR has a 9.5-inch backlit LCD with an older (non-touchscreen) display technology. Sprint8 is an app that can be used in conjunction with the unit’s built-in workout routines to create eight-week training regimens that are incredibly successful. The XR console contains a ledge for a tablet computer or other mobile device so that users can enjoy digital entertainment while utilising these apps. A Passport Player ($199) can be used to connect to Virtual Active. A wireless heart rate monitor can also be used with this Passport-ready console (sold separately).
    • Premium XIR Console: You can choose from a variety of conventional routines, including the Sprint8 app and three built-in Virtual Active workouts, as well as the ability to connect to a larger screen via Passport. The XIR also has speakers, a web browser, a range of apps (including MyFitnessPal, Hulu, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook), and more.
    • Mid-Level XER Console: Even though it lacks the web browser, the XER, with its 6-inch touch screen and ten pre-installed programmes, offers many of the same distinctive features as the XIR.
  • Warranties: Matrix Fitness warranties are a fantastic fit for the pricing ranges they provide. Each treadmill’s structure, engine, and deck are covered for life. If you buy this treadmill, you’ll get a five-year guarantee on your console (the best electronics warranty available for this price). Other parts are covered for a period ranging from five to seven years, according on the model. During the first two years of ownership, if labour is required, there is no additional cost.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Extra Costs: Treadmills from Matrix don’t come with all the bells and whistles you’d expect. Virtual Active workouts can be streamed to your home entertainment system with the Passport Player, which is offered separately. Treadmills with XR consoles also come with wireless chest straps that can be purchased separately.
  • Heavy Weight:Each of these exercise machines is over 260 pounds heavy. However, it’s a sign of great quality, but even with the connected wheels, moving them around the house is tough.

Our Verdict:

Matrix Fitness’s high-end treadmills merit significant attention for buyers with high-end home treadmill budgets. They’re easy to use, come with attractive consoles, and come with extensive warranties, making them a wonderful value.

Non-folding TF-50 and foldable version are the most popular models. The TF30 is best for strolling, while the TF75 is best for a high-traffic home gym. Whatever your home gym needs, Matrix Fitness offers a machine that will fit the bill.