Whether you’re a runner or a walker, we’ve got the treadmills for you. An industry leader in California and Nevada for the past two decades, Opti-Fit specialises in designing and constructing training facilities from the ground up in 3-D models.
Your commercial health clubs, multi-family dwelling gyms, hotels, and rehabilitation exercise facilities will benefit from the greatest treadmills on the market.

What brand is opti?

A wide variety of cardio workouts may be achieved with Argos’ Opti range of gym equipment. This includes exercise bicycles, treadmills, cross-trainers, and rowers. Strength training at home can be done with the help of weights and weight benches from the Opti brand, which was launched in 2016.


When purchasing treadmills, the manufacturer’s warranty period is critical.

Customers can be confident in a company’s products if it offers a fair warranty period. As an example, if they fail to work, you will have enough time to contact customer service. Opti’s factory warranty is at least one year.

A 30-day return period for a full refund or a replacement is offered by the manufacturer. As a result, purchasing this product gives you complete satisfaction.


In light of its sturdy steel frame and well-made design, Opti is an expensive treadmill that is well worth the price.

Even though it has three manual incline settings, it nevertheless provides you with ten workout plans. For a fair price, you can’t go wrong with this treadmill if you want a simple, reliable, long-lasting treadmill.

Even though it is lighter than comparable items, it nevertheless provides adequate performance and durability to ensure that you receive your money’s worth.



Among its most impressive aspects is the screen, which is bright and clear. With the console providing feedback on many aspects of your running, such as time, speed, distance, and calories consumed.. Allowing it to keep pace with you while you run is also possible thanks to the buttons. Specifically, I found this handy for my interval workouts, which require me to vary my running speed.


As a runner, I enjoy listening to music to keep me inspired and focused when I get tired, and this device has both built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity. Because the speakers don’t require headphones or a phone to play music, I can focus on my runs instead.


If you’re looking to strengthen your glutes or calves, the various incline levels on this machine are a great asset, but they may also be used to increase your aerobic fitness.

Using a treadmill on a small inclination is the easiest method to mimic running conditions outside, so having a variety of alternatives for inclines is convenient. This treadmill has a variety of incline levels, unlike the Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill, which only has two incline levels.

Inexperienced runners who want to get the most out of incline should go for this treadmill, while those who are just starting out may want to go for a cheaper model without the varied levels of elevation.

The Downsides:

Although no treadmill is ever going to be 100% ideal, there are several advantages to using a fold-flat treadmill that you won’t get with a stand-up one.

Depending on whether it’s a continuous or peak setting, the motor produces 1-2 horsepower. Even though the top speed is only 13 kilometres per hour, this shouldn’t be an issue for most runners, even seasoned ones who may wish a bit more output. Considering that the wide range of incline change is the main selling point of this treadmill, it may not be the best choice for someone who wants to emulate uphill jogging but does not need a high maximum speed.

Additionally, the running surface is narrower than on some other models, which may be an issue for those who are particularly tall or who have a particularly lengthy stride.

How it compares to similar treadmills

In addition to Opti, you may want to think about these two other treadmills. Like Opti, they have a folding design, but there are a few differences.

In addition to Reebok One GT30 Treadmill, there are several other options. It’s more expensive than the Opti Folding equivalent at roughly £380. It does, however, come equipped with an LED display and a running deck with improved cushioning for improved comfort when jogging on the surface. The additional cushioning is absent from Opti.

The incline settings of the Reebok machine may be electronically adjusted, as opposed to the three on the Opti. With a total of 16 user programmes, Opti has just 10. However, the difference isn’t that great. In addition, Reebok’s maximum user weight is 110 kg, whereas Opti’s is 100 kg, making Reebok the heavier option. Despite their small size, the variations do have an impact.

That isn’t everything. On the Opti’s product page, there is no mention of the fact that Reebok features built-in speakers. Five console feedback functions and handgrip pulse sensors are included in both devices. The additional cost may not be worth it.

The Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill is the other contender to Opti. It’s little wonder it costs more than £300 because it includes a double-deck running deck with rubber padding. Because of this, your feet are better able to absorb shocks. Enjoy the ten pre-programmed modes and the maximum speed of 13kph.

It’s not quite the same as the three incline levels offered by Opti; Roger Black only has two. Handgrip pulse sensors and five display functions are similar to the Opti and the Reebok One GT30 in Roger Black. Roger, on the other hand, is delivered completely assembled and on wheels, weighing in at a hefty 49kg. Assembling the other two models is required. In addition, Roger Black has built-in speakers, an MP3 player, and an auto-shutoff mode. Opti’s 100kg and Reebok’s GT30’s 110kg are comparable in terms of maximum weight capability.


  • Variety of slopes to choose from
  • A maximum of 16 user programmes can be installed.
  • Easy-to-read display that indicates calories burned, time, pace, and distance travelled, as well as buttons for quickly changing the speed.
  • Bluetooth and MP3 connectivity built in speakers.
  • It’s pre-assembled and folds up for convenient storage.
  • Pulse oximeter in a hand grip


  • The treadmill weighs 54 kilogrammes, which, despite being less than some other treadmills, is still hefty enough to necessitate two people to move it.
  • Competitively lower maximum weight of 110 kg.
  • Runs a little narrower than the norm.
  • Maximum speed is restricted in comparison to those of other treadmills.
  • Kilometers, not miles, are used.