When it comes to workout equipment design and manufacture, Precor USA is an industry leader. Hotel fitness centres, commercial gyms and private homes have relied on the company’s products since 1980. An ergonomically designed rowing machine by Precision Corporation was introduced in 1980. Originally known as Precision Corporation

Elliptical trainers and the first cushioned treadmills were introduced a decade later and once again changed the fitness sector. In addition, Precor was the first manufacturer to include electronic components in its line of fitness machines. Prior to the invention of Precor, it was difficult for athletes to keep track of their progress throughout workouts. Amer Sports, the company that owns Precor, has its headquarters in Washington State.

Where Are Precor Treadmills Made

Woodinville, WA — Precor’s new factory in Guilford County, North Carolina, near Greensboro, has opened and commenced operations. In Valencia, California, a smaller plant that will make Precor strength products has been replaced by this new facility.

What We Like:

  • Track cushioning:Precor was the first treadmill business to use cushioned tracks, as was described above. By creating the patented Ground Effects technology, they’ve shown their dedication to making running more comfortable for people with disabilities. When your feet push off the track, the cushioning is firmer, and when they land, it is softer. Precor’s foot plant technology makes the tracks particularly supportive for runners, reducing stress on their joints..
  • Track Incline/Decline:Jogging on a treadmill with a steeper incline mimics the conditions of running outside, increasing the metabolic rate and recruiting more muscle tissue. Precor treadmill tracks can be adjusted to a 15% incline or a -2 percent decrease with the push of a button.
  • Consoles:Precor treadmill consoles are comparable to those found in commercial-grade equipment. Up to four people can work out at a time with these programmes, which are fully programmable. Running distances of 1, 2, 5, and 10 kilometres can all be achieved with the Precor’s built-in workout programmes.
  • Motors:Commercial-grade motors in Precor home treadmills enable heavy users, frequent use, and high speeds. These treadmills are powered by powerful AC motors of 3.0-4.0HP.
  • Aesthetics:In order to make its treadmills as comfortable as possible, Precor uses lever-style motion controls or dome-style keys that are constantly within reach and easy to press on the console area.
  • Warranties:Treadmill frames are covered for life, and parts are covered for five to ten years. During the first year, all labour expenditures are included.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Console:High contrast blue and white LCD screen on the TRM 223, although this model only works with volume control devices. At just 5 inches, the console’s display area is smaller than one might expect.
  • Frame:Despite its aesthetic appeal, the powder coated steel frame lacks a strong steel design. The handlebars on this treadmill are shorter than on other treadmills in this price range, which can be a problem for taller people or those who prefer to utilise the handlebars when walking or conducting incline interval training.
  • Deck:In comparison to the 60-inch standard treadmill deck length, this running surface is 57 inches, which may be an issue for larger folks.
  • Few Bells and Whistles: Only one audio jack is included in the machine; there is no fan, USB port, Bluetooth, or speakers.

Our Verdict:

It’s the best of both worlds: Precor’s TRM 223 treadmill falls somewhere in between the TRM 211 and TRM 243 models in the EnergyTM Series of treadmills. Precor is known for its training equipment’s durability and stability, and the $2,999 price tag is a good value for the amenities it offers.

It’s possible to customise workouts for several people on the same machine with the 223’s customised user IDs and preset programmes and heart rate monitoring. But the increased attention to comfort features compensates for this model’s absence of modern entertainment options or a high-quality sound system.