To make Schwinn equipment, Nautilus relies on its headquarters in Washington State, where the company has been in business since 1971. Nautilus manufactures fitness equipment for five distinct brands, ranging from the more basic Universal Gym Equipment (mostly strength trainers) to the high-end Octane Fitness. Nautilus.

Schwinn is a middle-of-the-road brand. Two models make up the line: the Schwinn 830 (55″) and the Schwinn 870 (60″). Those who have used them describe them as sturdy, compact, and long-lasting.

Where Are Schwinn Treadmills Made?

Nautilus, a home fitness company based in Washington State, makes Schwinn treadmills.

Our Ruling On Schwinn Treadmills

When a company chooses to focus on creating just two treadmills, the results can be either average or not worthwhile at all. 830 treadmill is a subpar Schwinn treadmill, compared to the 870 and other treadmills in the same price range. The 870, on the other hand, has heavy competition and performs poorly.

Treadmills in the same price range that outclass the Schwinn 830:

  • The SOLE F63 treadmill has a higher weight capacity, a larger motor, a longer treadmill surface, and a greater incline range than the Schwinn 830. Essentially, the F63 is basically a better-built treadmill.
  • The Schwinn 830 can be ridden in a variety of ways on the NordicTrack C990. The C990 has a touchscreen, additional workout programmes, a longer treadmill belt, Bluetooth, a better motor, and the option to access iFit through the treadmill touchscreen.

While the F63 and C990 are excellent treadmills, there are many more that may be better suited to your needs than the Schwinn 830.

In the same price range as the Schwinn 870, there are two treadmills that are clearly superior.

  • Weight capacity is increased, the engine is more powerful, there are more workout programmes available, and the touchscreen has iFit access. The ProForm Power 1295i offers all of these features and more.
  • If you’re looking for the best home treadmill, you can’t go wrong with the C1650 from NordicTrack, which has dominated the market. There are additional workouts integrated within the C1650’s bigger motor, larger touchscreen, and integration with iFit.

It’s not a horrible treadmill, but Schwinn’s treadmills aren’t quite as good as their rivals’. You might want to give one of the above treadmills a shot instead of the Schwinn if you’re looking to replace your current treadmill.

Are Schwinn Treadmills Worth Buying?

New models are available for less than $1000, and you can find them on the company’s website. Check over the treadmill’s specifications to see if it’s a good fit for your needs.

With a clean and ergonomic design, Schwinn produces great treadmills for the home. Because you may keep your specific information for accurate reports and the exercises they offer are simple presets, they are incredibly effective.

We can safely state that the Schwinn 870 provided us with a challenging and rewarding workout. We recently tried this machine and the motor still worked flawlessly after operating for three to four hours nonstop. The pre-programmed cardio programmes were carefully thought out and executed. The device was simple to use, and the heart rate target was dependent on the user’s age and weight.

The 830 features a smaller belt and a less powerful motor, but the rest of the components are the same size. You still get the user profiles, the folding mechanism, the durable cushion system, and the workout selection. You don’t need anything else for your everyday runs lasting 30 minutes to an hour.

We haven’t gotten an opportunity to test the 810 yet because it is so new. With a price tag of less than $800, it’s a more reasonable alternative to the other two models.

Schwinn treadmills do not come equipped with features like an entertainment system, a touch screen display, or a voice trainer to help you stay motivated during your workouts. The existing models of this brand are out-of-date in comparison to what is available today, thus we are hoping that new models will be released under this name soon.

Schwinn treadmills’ warranties are also inadequate when compared to those of similar-priced treadmills. Only the frame and motor are covered for ten years, unlike the lifelong warranty you can get elsewhere. I don’t think the coverage for parts and labour is bad at all.

Although there are certainly better options, the 870 is a good choice if you’re not concerned about the warranty. Compared to the 830, it has more workout options, a higher incline (up to 15 degrees), and better cushioning.

What We Like

  • Foldable Frames:The Schwinn 830 and 870 both demand around 7 feet by 3 feet of floor space while in operation, similar to normal residential treadmills. Schwinn treadmills may easily be folded up when not in use, allowing you to make the most of your available living space. Repositioning is made easier by attaching small wheels.
  • Quiet Operation:The 830 and 870 use belt motors of 2.75 and 3.0 continuous horsepower, respectively, as their power source. They are capable of delivering a significant amount of force while remaining quite quiet. Weighty treadmill frame and large belt rollers also contribute to noise reduction.
  • Thick Workout Belts:When it comes to a training belt’s durability, the thicker the material, the quieter it will run. Treadmills from Schwinn have thicker belts than those from other brands in their price range. In addition, these belts run on 2.5″ crowned rollers, which are suitable for mild commercial use. The less the belt wears, the better the rollers are!
  • Standard Belt Sizes: Even a few extra centimetres can make all the difference when it comes to your training experience. To accommodate most walkers, the 830 comes with a 55″ long track. In order to suit the longer strides of runners, Schwinn 870 treadmill includes a 60″ track
  • Power Incline: Automated inclination on Schwinn treadmills allows you to literally “amp up” your exercises. Raising the 830’s or 870’s track by 12 or 15 percent might help tone your muscles and burn more calories.
  • Data Feedback: There are four user profiles for each Schwinn console and the LED panels provide more than than basic fitness stats. The 870 treadmill, in particular, offers a significant amount of feedback to the runner. Time, Speed, Distance, Laps, Calories, Heart Rate, Incline, Pace, Average Pace, and Best Pace are some of the data columns that can be found in this app. An overall fitness score is computed at the end of each workout on the Schwinn 870. You may also compare your current fitness levels to those of your prior workouts by looking at previous results.
  • Data Sharing: Different ways to communicate your workout data with monitoring programmes are available on new Schwinn treadmills. The 870 features Bluetooth so you can link your data with Schwinn Trainer, MyFitnessPal, and other personal training applications. The Schwinn 830, on the other hand, has a USB connector for transferring data.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Reading: Heart rate monitoring by wireless and grip is available on both models. On the other hand, the Schwinn 830 treadmill does not come with a wireless chest strap. Each treadmill has a horizontal handlebar that can be used to measure heart rate via contact.
  • RunSocial Compatibility: One of the most popular mobile fitness apps for runners is RunSocial. Schwinn is an official partner.
  • Built-In Training Programs: It is because of the digital running environs (virtual landscapes) and the personalised training ideas that mobile apps like RunSocial are popular among home exercisers. While built-in treadmill programmes are free and may be used even if your WiFi network is slow or down, they do have a few advantages. In addition to the manual mode and user-created programmes, each treadmill offers more than 20 programmes. Heart health, weight loss, and interval training are a few of the subcategories.
  • Console Amenities: Media shelves, USB charging ports and MP3 speakers are all included in the consoles of the cardio trainers.

What We Don’t Like

  • Warranties:Over the past few years, Schwinn treadmill warranties have become better, but they are still lagging behind the competition. To put it another way, almost every competition offers lifetime frame and motor replacement with their products, whereas Schwinn’s guarantees only go up to 10 years. Aside from that, the parts and labour warranties of two years and one year, respectively, are merely enough.
  • Thinner Deck:The decks or running surfaces of most high-quality home treadmills are about 1″ thick. In the 830 treadmill, Schwinn uses a 3/4″ deck. Despite what the commercials might lead you to believe, the Schwinn 830 is essentially a treadmill for people who like to walk.
  • Suspension:The Schwinn 870 and other home treadmills have far more substantial suspension systems, therefore the 830’s track has none. Shock deflection is especially important if you plan to run, since it will reduce the chance of injury to your joints during workouts.

Our Verdict

With a discount, the Schwinn 870 treadmill represents excellent value for anyone who like to walk, jog, or run once in a while. It’s not the ideal option for everyday driving, partly because the guarantee on the motor is extremely short and the suspension isn’t really exceptional.

Nevertheless, the 830 has a slew of attractive features at an affordable price point. Competitors, on the other hand, might succeed in other areas. In recent years, the Schwinn treadmill brand has made significant strides, but it has not yet established itself as a clear industry leader. We’re still hopeful for their future, though.