Taiwan-based Dyaco is the manufacturer of Spirit brand treadmills. As well as making and selling the well-known Sole treadmill, the company also exports exercise equipment to commercial and residential customers in dozens of countries.

Where Are Spirit Treadmills Made?


Dyaco, a Taiwanese multinational firm, is the manufacturer of Spirit brand treadmills. The company also manufactures the popular Sole treadmill and exports fitness equipment to commercial clients and residential users in a wide range of locations.

About Spirit Treadmills

Spirit suffered from a lack of quality control, as did many other treadmill manufacturers who outsourced its production to foreign countries. After several years of transition, their treadmills are some of the most reliable and robust in their price range.

Because of their components, Spirit Fitness treadmills are a great deal. At the very least, they employ 2.5′′ rollers. The longer the belt, bearings, and motor last because of this focus on larger rollers, the better.

One-inch thick treadmill decks are found on most Spirit Fitness treadmills. As a result, the machine’s weight capacity is increased and the deck’s support is improved. Both of which can have a significant impact on the weight of a person.

When it comes to Spirit treadmills, we appreciate the fact that they don’t try to exaggerate the capabilities of their equipment.

Spirit’s entry-level XT185 model, for example, is marketed toward people who power walk or jog. It is common for other treadmill manufacturers to exaggerate the capabilities of their machines, even going so far as to indicate in their marketing messages that their treadmill model would be great for runners or commercial grade—when it is truly neither of those things. We value honesty in advertising, and we value Spirit’s honesty in this regard.

Spirit vs. Sole Treadmills: Which Should I Buy?

Dyaco is the manufacturer of both the Spirit and the Sole models of elliptical machines. Each brand’s designs are quite similar, as are the machines’ components, which are often the same or similar.

Their marketing strategies are what set them apart. One major difference between Spirit and Sole is that Spirit sells mostly through workout equipment specialty stores and a number of Internet vendors.

Buying a Spirit treadmill from a fitness equipment store is advantageous since you’ll receive expert guidance and personalised service. The problem is that these services cost a lot of money.

There’s also a warranty distinction between the two companies. Spirit treadmills come with a 5-year parts and 1-year labour warranty, whereas Sole treadmills come with 5-year parts and 2-year labour, as well as 5-year electronics warranties. In our opinion, Sole’s warranty coverage is a superior deal.

Spirit Fitness – Our Overall Review

Spirit Fitness is one of the top five treadmill companies in the $1,000-$2,000 price range because of its excellent value.

When you buy a Spirit treadmill, you know you’re getting a long-lasting machine with high-quality parts. Their warranty is a testament to their reputation for dependability and quality.

Reliability is a major factor in our decision to suggest Spirit treadmills.

And of course, there’s another option

In the end, our Spirit vs. Sole comparison comes down to a tie. With the same manufacturer and similar components, these two treadmill brands are nearly identical.

You won’t go wrong with either Spirit or Sole, in our opinion. They’re both excellent options.

Because they consistently win our “Best Buy” award, we’ll mention Sole Fitness treadmills once again. The Sole warranty is superior to Spirit Fitness’s.

We have a soft spot in our hearts for Sole because of the excellent service they have provided our review team. Our experience with the Sole brand over the years has shown us that the company is dedicated to maintaining its high-quality products while providing exceptional customer service.

When clients of other brands spend thousands on a treadmill and still can’t get customer support, we hear about it. Then we hear Sole’s customer service team treating each customer as if they know them. As a result of this comparison, we’ve made a decision: Sole Fitness wins!

Because of this, Sole may be a good option if you are looking for a treadmill that is long-lasting and has a wide range of warranty options.

What We Like

  • Price:When purchasing a new Spirit treadmill, you should expect to pay between $900 and $2000. There are a large range of machines to choose from, based on one’s fitness budget.
  • Audio:Audio ports and speakers are included into several Spirit models to help you stay motivated while working out.
  • Compact size:A number of Spirit models can be folded in order to save on storage space. Their “soft drop” design is gentle on the user’s body, making the operation more comfortable.
  • Consoles:One can tell a Spirit console from from the rest. Colorful and unobtrusive but not cluttered, the buttons are easy to press even when you’re jogging. Some Spirit treadmills have controls placed into the handrails.
  • Convenience:Home delivery is an option for Spirit treadmills.
  • Motors:Compared to other brands in the same price range, the treadmill motors in some Spirit models are on par with or superior. Since its release in 2009, the XT675 has been Spirit’s most powerful running machine, capable of supporting athletes weighing up to 425 pounds. The 2.5 HP motor in the Esprit ET6 is more than enough for most walkers and mild joggers to use.
  • Tracks:XT675 has a 60″x22″ running surface, which is larger than the smallest Spirit treadmill track.
  • Warranties:Spirit treadmills now come with a 30-year or lifetime motor warranty, a one-year parts and labour warranty, and a five-year frame warranty.

What We Don’t Like

  • Cheaper models:There is a huge range in the quality of Spirit machines. As a general rule, the more expensive models are far more durable and powerful than the lesser variants. As an example, the Esprit ET2 has a 50″ by 20″ track and a 2 HP motor.

Our Verdict

Researching Spirit treadmills is a worthwhile endeavour. Those who don’t mind not having a treadmill TV or iFit reader will find these treadmills to be more than enough. In general, they are well-built, boast large tracks, and come with excellent warranties. Built-in music system, large weight capacity, and a powerful motor are all features of the Spirit XT675.