Since 1974, Star Trac has sold commercial workout equipment. Global recognition for this brand as a leading competitor in this market comes from its headquarters in Irvine, California.

Interestingly, the first treadmill capable of exchanging workout data with Palm OS handhelds was invented by Star Trac. That doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what they’re known for.

Even though they’ve always focused on manufacturing commercial products, they’ve come to accept that some customers prefer to use their gear in their own homes. Because of this, they created a line of home fitness equipment, which includes anything from strength training equipment to cardio machines to stationary bicycles.

Where Are Star Trac Treadmills Made?

Are Star Trac treadmills made in the United States or elsewhere? Even as Star Trac shifts production to China’s mainland, the spotlight shines harder on the country as a manufacturing location for exercise equipment.

This years lineup includes five treadmill models. These fall into two series and cover a range of user preferences. Follow the links for detailed treadmill reviews.

1. Star Trac E Series: The E Series of Star Trac treadmills is a popular choice in fitness centres. In this series, all treadmills use a 5HP motor. They provide excellent entertainment alternatives, including a television that doesn’t move about as you watch it!

The E-TRx, E-TRxi Club, and E-TRxe are all available as options. In comparison to a cheap treadmill, the E-TRx is definitely superior: In addition, it has an extra-wide belt, an incline of 20 percent, and excellent cushioning. To obtain Intel Inside, you’ll need to upgrade to the E-TRxi model. A 15-inch touchscreen TV is built within the E-TRxe.

2. Star Trac S-Series: The S-Series is another another classic in the world of fitness centres. Both models come with 15-inch touchscreen displays as an option, even though they have less features overall. Both have maximum inclines of 15%.

For clubs, the S-TRc is a good choice. Cardio training in a light business facility or a busy family can be powered by the S-TRx, which has 3 horsepower.

What We Like:

  • Entertainment: The E Series from Star Trac is all about having fun. Smartphone compatibility, USB charging, Intel Insider, and 15-inch touchscreen TVs are a big draw for customers. Displaying workout data on a high-definition LCD panel. Coaxial cables and a digital tuner for NTSC/ATSC/QAM or PAL/SECAM are also included with these treadmills.
  • Maintenance-free:They don’t need to be waxed. Unsupervised gyms are safe places for them.
  • Motors:Star Trac commercial motors have a lot of power. They can support 500-pound persons and marathon runners with 5HP. S-TRx for light commercial settings has a good 3HP power output.
  • Speed:Star Trac commercial motors have a lot of power. They can support 500-pound persons and marathon runners with 5HP. S-TRx for light commercial settings has a good 3HP power output.
  • Stability:Treadmills made by Star Trac can weigh as much as 500 pounds! They can handle 500 pounds of user weight.
  • Tracks:The tracks on these vehicles are spacious and well-cushioned. Because the belts are 60 inches long and up to 21.5 inches wide, they can fit practically any trainee. Neoprene cushioning and reversible decks provide for a lovely ride. The use of large rollers ensures that the track will last longer.
  • Workout programs:This page has a lot of possibilities! Examples of applications are “Firefighter,” “Fitness Test,” and “Constant Heart Rate Control” on the E-TRxe. Using the Star Trac Coach, users of the E Series treadmills have access to more than a million different training combinations.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Price:Star Trac treadmills are pricey for individuals because they are made for heavy club use. Commercial exercise equipment doesn’t usually disclose its prices, however a starting price of $3500 or $4000 is not uncommon. Refurbished treadmills are also available for a lower price from the company.
  • Warranties:We’d like to see more comprehensive warranty packages or a residential buyer option for Star Tracs because they may be pricey investments. The following is an example of what’s included under a Star Trac treadmill warranty: If you’re using it in a commercial facility or one that doesn’t charge fees, you’ll get a 5-year warranty on the motor and the MCB. For light commercial facilities that don’t charge dues, you’ll get a two-year warranty on the remaining parts and one-year labour on wear items.
  • Size: As well as taking up a lot of space, these treadmills are extremely heavy. Between 81 to 85 inches long. Compact treadmills are a popular alternative for gym owners who want to maximise the use of their available space.

Our Verdict:

Treadmills made by Star Trac are excellent choices for commercial and light commercial gyms. Due to their widespread acceptance and the availability of optional TVs, they’ve quickly become a global standard.

These goods could meet virtually all of a community’s treadmill workout requirements: This treadmill offers an incline range of 0% to 20%, a coaching programme with over a million possible combinations, and a maximum speed of 15mph! Trainers can further alleviate pressure on their knees by inclining the treadmill, which is a top treadmill brand for those with sensitive knees.

What home gym would be complete without an E Series Star Trac? The answer is most likely no! There are many features that are unnecessary for most individuals. For example, most walkers rarely go faster than 5 mph, therefore a 15 mph machine isn’t necessary. Home gyms typically don’t need the 500-pound weight capacity or the 5 horsepower of this machine. Despite the fact that the S-TRx is more affordable, there is a lot of competition at that price range.