True Fitness is well-known for its ergonomic fitness equipment that is easy to use. Since its founding in 1981, the company has expanded its product line to include treadmills, exercise cycles, and other cardio trainers for both home and commercial use. Located in St. Louis, it has more than 70 distributors around the world.

Home treadmills from True Fitness range in price from $2,000 to $6,000. Even while they all have the same sensation as a club-quality cardio trainer, the higher-end models come with added perks like longer warranties, larger data displays, and better cushioning.

The PS100 and PS300 are the most popular mid-range True treadmills. High-end Treadmill ES900, which is sold by True Fitness.

Where Are True Treadmills Made?

The city of St. Louis, MO

True, a St. Louis, Missouri-based company, makes treadmills for both the home and the workplace.

True Fitness PS Series

From $2,899 to $4,799, the PS range of home treadmills includes models with up to a 10-year components warranty. Among the top-tier options are the PS100, PS300, PS800, and PS825. Each one features a 60-inch track and a power inclination of up to 15 per cent. Performance, comfort, and other characteristics vary widely among the models.

The PS100 and PS300 are the most popular True home treadmills. Each is made using high-quality commercial components and backed by a robust warranty for domestic usage only. These machines are more than suitable for the majority of walkers and runners, thanks to their 3.0 HP motors and large tracks. The orthopaedic belt distinguishes the True PS300.

The top two models in this series are the best buys for individuals who need to put in a lot of work. The True PS800 and PS825 each have a 4.0 HP motor that drives an orthopaedic belt. PS825 comes with two smartphone-compatible consoles to choose from as well. So much so, that it features an HD video display.

True Fitness M Series

Motivation is the “M” in True’s name. The M30 and M50 are the only two treadmills in the M Series. Each one costs a total of $1,999. True Fitness’ most economical treadmills for home use can be found here. Both treadmills (74′′ long) have workout surfaces that measure 58′′ in length. A five-year parts guarantee and other customer safeguards are included in each.

Except for the True M50’s orthopaedic cushioning, these two tiny treadmills are remarkably identical. With a maximum speed of 12 mph, both the M30 and M50 have motors of 3.0 HP. HRC Cruise Control is also included in each. As a result of utilising wireless heart rate data, HRC Cruise Control helps users stay within a predetermined heart rate zone while exercising on the treadmill. There are 12 pre-programmed workouts and two programmable routines on the M Series console.

True Fitness Z Series

Treadmills of the True Fitness Z Series are available in two models: the True Z5.0 and the True Z5.4. Each one is priced at $3,799, while the other is $4,999. While the M Series luxury treadmills are smaller and less expensive, the M Series luxury treadmills are more durable and come with a 10-year components warranty instead of the cheaper M Series treadmills’ 5-year warranty.

The treadmills in the Z Series have a maximum power incline of 12 percent. The Z5.4’s cushioning is more advanced than the Z5.0’s. Using a 7-inch LCD, the Z Series console has room for ten preloaded workouts and two user-created programmes.

What We Like:

  • Program Options: There are a variety of workout programmes available on True Fitness treadmills that promote a variety of fitness goals, including calorie burn and performance. The True ES900 can also display Virtual Active programming, which immerses the user in high definition footage of picturesque surroundings. Custom workouts can also be saved on True Fitness treadmill consoles.
  • Console Screens: The panels on True Fitness treadmills range from a 7-inch LCD to a 16-inch Transcend with HD video.
  • Console Extras: Workout fans, smartphone speakers, and water bottle compartments are some of the amenities that may be found on True treadmill consoles.
  • Heart Rate Tools: All variants come with handgrip heart rate sensors and wireless receivers. False Fitness treadmills have HRC Cruise Control, which regulates the treadmill challenge level in order to keep the user exercising within a predetermined heart rate range.
  • Track and Deck Choices:There are two lengths of track on all True treadmills: 58″ or 60″ All versions have excellent cushioning, with the M30 allowing for variable cushioning and the higher models being able to support orthopaedic decks with more advanced technology.
  • Power Incline and Decline: In all True Fitness treadmills, the maximum inclines are either 12 percent or 15 percent, depending on the model. The ES900, on the other hand, had a -3 percent drop.
  • Strong Motors: The motors in all of the machines are either 3.0 or 4.0 HP.
  • High Capacity:They have steel frames and aluminium engine housings on True Fitness treadmills. They can hold up to 400 pounds of user weight.
  • Warranties: Treadmill frames are covered for life and the motors for 30 years in a normal True Fitness warranty plan. Five, seven, or ten years of parts protection are available. One or two years of labour are covered.
  • Practical For Home Use: All home treadmills come with wheels for easy transportation. There are particularly small treadmills in the M and Z collections available for loan to members of the public.

What We Don’t Like:

  • High Prices: There are some people who can’t afford or don’t want to pay for a high-quality treadmill with a long standard guarantee from True Fitness. It’s possible to buy a long-lasting equipment for a fraction of the price. Please check out our Best Buys if you’re interested.

Our Verdict:

They are built to last, and True Fitness treadmills are built to last as well. Most buyers with $1,999 and above budgets can choose from a variety of compact treadmills and standard treadmills. Do not be fooled; they are not cheap devices!

However, even True Fitness’ most affordable versions aren’t exactly bargain-priced. Treadmill quality and consistency can’t be disputed, however. While the high cost of these devices is understandable, it is still out of reach for the majority of consumers.