People who want to improve their cardiovascular fitness and lower body strength frequently utilise treadmills, which are widespread at gyms and health clubs. You’ll find electric treadmills on the market, and you may customise the pace to fit your needs and fitness level. Treadmill Guru, on the other hand, is highlighting an entirely manual treadmill today.

Woodway treadmills are among the few manual treadmills, so if your assumption is correct, you’re on the right track. We’d like to focus on the Woodway Curve, a human-powered treadmill that’s revolutionised the way people train for speed and fitness indoors.

Where Are Woodway Treadmills Made?

WOODWAY is now the world’s largest manufacturer of specialty treadmills, with design and production facilities in the United States, Germany, and Japan. All three WOODWAY producers share and apply improvements in quality, design, and function.


Running on the Woodway Curve burns more calories than running on a flat surface. With this treadmill, you’ll be able to exercise in the privacy of your own home because it’s so quiet that it won’t wake up your sleeping spouse, infant or even your neighbours.

As an added bonus, you save money by not having to pay to have a motorised treadmill serviced when parts like the motor burn out. In addition to being extremely robust, the Curve treadmill is also incredibly easy to maintain.

Additionally, if you are a competitive runner who is concerned that a treadmill at home would detract from your performance, the Woodway Curve is ideal for your needs. You’ll have more natural resistance and be able to maintain your high levels of exertion and strong toe-offs.



Because it lacks a motor, the Woodway Curve is powered only by the user’s leg strength. No motorised sounds will disturb your neighbours while you work out, with the major source of noise coming from how hard you walk as you exercise.

As a treadmill motor, you’ll be able to experience a more intense workout because the belt movement is directly linked to your exertion. Even though you don’t have an engine, you may quickly slow down and be safe while exercising.

Curved Running Area

Because of the treadmill’s curved deck, users can exercise in a more natural manner. A solid rolling stride may be maintained for kilometres thanks to the belt’s smooth action as it follows the curve of the deck. As a result of the treadmill’s deck curvature, you’ll be able to burn more calories because you’ll have to work harder to both power the treadmill and ascend the inclination.

Low Maintenance Treadmill

It is clear to see that the Woodway Curve treadmill is built to last and doesn’t require as much upkeep as other treadmills. It has a slat belt and deck that can last up to 150,000 miles before they need to be replaced. The treadmill belt may require lubrication from time to time, but compared to the amount of issues that might arise with less durable treadmills, this is a simple chore.

Heart Rate Monitoring

This treadmill has a wireless heart rate monitoring chest strap that may be used to measure your heart rate during a workout. The Curve treadmill’s dashboard will display your current heart rate and the zone in which you should be running, thanks to the chest strap.

Rubber Slat Belt

The treadmill’s rubberized floor is a safety element that helps to prevent injuries because of the rubberized belt’s shock absorption capabilities. With its 60 slats per inch of belt, this treadmill not only makes jogging more comfortable, but it also reduces the impact on your joints. A trailing foot will snag on the rubberized belt, which is another benefit of the belt’s curvature.

Optional Treadmill Displays

It’s possible to present the Woodway Curve treadmill in either of two ways. There is the Curve Standard Display, which shows the time, speed, distance travelled at a constant rate of speed (pace), calories burned (METS, watts), and total time spent at that rate of speed (pace). The basic display allows you to reset the display, change the measure, and finish the workout.

Curve ProSmart touchscreen has all the stats and workouts personalised to your fitness level that you can obtain with any other fitness tracker. To keep things interesting during your workouts, it includes a library of pre-made routines.

Variable High Weight Capacity

The Woodway Curve is capable of supporting a lot of weight. 400 pounds is the weight limit for this treadmill. The Curve treadmill, on the other hand, can support users weighing as much as 800 pounds when walking at 4 MPH or slower.


The Woodway Curve’s warranty isn’t as long as you’d expect for a treadmill of this price. The slat belt and frame are covered for ten years, the parts are covered for three years, and the labour is covered for one year.

What We Like:

  • Long-Lasting Tracks: Tracks made by Woodway outperform all others. Woodway’s innovative tracks (called Slat Belts) are built of dozens of interlocking vulcanised rubber slats, as opposed to typical training tracks, which are made of continuous sheets of material like nylon and PVC. These slats are great for absorbing shock and are exceptionally long-lasting as well. Slat Belts can be used for up to 150,000 kilometres of training before they begin to lose their effectiveness. That’s nearly ten times as long-lasting as other treadmill tracks.
  • Energy Use: The treadmills made by Woodway are particularly energy-efficient. Curve series machines are essentially motorless, relying solely on gravity and the weight of their users for a powerful workout experience. Even while other Woodway treadmills have powerful motors, their electricity use is around half that of the competition.
  • Unique Curve: Woodway treadmills in the Curve series feature specifically curved workout surfaces that promote a rapid burn of calories. It’s possible to alter track speed with the Curve, the Ecomill, and other devices in this collection.
  • Track Sizes: For people of all sizes and heights, Woodway has a treadmill to suit your needs. In terms of space, the Woodway 4Front has one of the largest workout areas in the business at 22′′ x 68′′. (Commercial treadmills for runners often feature tracks that are 20 inches by 60 inches.) For skaters, Woodway Blade’s treadmill is the largest. For cross-training and lateral motions, it offers a 94-by-83-inch training area
  • Inclines:The standard power inclines on Woodway treadmills are 15 percent, however these treadmills may be upgraded to have inclines as steep as 25 percent.
  • Workout Programming: It’s no secret that Woodway cardio trainers come with a wide range of training options and fitness assessments on their monitors. In addition, customers can save up to 99 different personalised routines with them.
  • Data Sharing: Data from treadmill workouts can be exported via USB ports by trainees. Online data tracking is also available on select Woodway treadmills.
  • Displays: This company makes use of a wide range of gaming consoles. Simple LED screens show workout data (including heart rate) for those who prefer a “strictly business” workout environment. Several others feature HDTV monitors with a resolution of 19 inches, touchscreens with personalised on-demand content, and other cutting-edge gadgets.
  • High Capacity: The typical user weight capacity of a commercial treadmill is 400 pounds. Up to 800 pounds can be safely supported by many Woodway treadmills.
  • Decks: In the same way as their tracks, Woodway’s decks can last for up to 150,000 kilometres.
  • Warranties: Woodway treadmill warranties are among the best in the market. The 4Front treadmill, manufactured to hospital-grade standards, comes with a four-year whole-machine guarantee.

What We Don’t Like:

  • High Prices: The initial investment in a Woodway treadmill is higher than that of other brands. If you’re looking to save money, consider leasing a new Woodway or going with a reconditioned model instead of a brand-new one.
  • Heavy Machines: These treadmills can’t be relocated very easily. About 450 pounds is how much the 4Front weighs. Weighing in over 3,000 pounds, the Blade treadmill for skaters is the largest of its kind.

Our Verdict:

The Woodway brand is a favourite among consumers with more money to spend. Treadmills made with cutting-edge innovation are comfortable to use and simple to maintain. The Woodway treadmill line provides something for everyone in its pricing range, with options ranging from medical-grade electronics to on-demand music videos.