Aside from the Xterra Triathlon, Xterra Fitness has spent three decades in the fitness market manufacturing fitness equipment. Spirit Fitness and Sole Fitness are sister brands of Xterra under their parent company Dyaco. Quality exercise equipment is made by all three of these companies, which are all well-known.

Xterra Fitness also makes exercise cycles, ellipticals, and rowers in addition to treadmills.

Where Are Xterra Treadmills Made?

What’s so great aboutXTERA?

As a global leader in cardiac workout equipment, our headquarters are in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Our Ruling On Xterra Treadmills

When it came to making a final selection on Xterra treadmills, we had to balance the advantages and disadvantages of the TRX series while ignoring the treadmills that aren’t currently available.

What We Like:

  • Low Sale Prices: Because of its high quality, XTERRA treadmills are sold at reasonable prices. With a 50% discount, these devices are among the best bargains on the market. And XTERRA regularly provides similar deals.
  • Folding Frames: The foldable frames on XTERRA treadmills allow you to make the most of your available floor space. When not in use, you can save room on the floor by putting the exercise deck in a vertical position. Hydraulics move the surface when you press on an XTERRA treadmill, making it simple to collapse.
  • Attractive Designs: Our assessment of the new XTERRA treadmills found them to be attractive and functional. Online images don’t adequately portray the quality of XTERRA treadmills according to customer feedback. It’s refreshing to see XTERRA treadmill frames in a brushed silver or nickel tone rather than completely black. With its aluminium rails, the XTERRA TRX4500 appears to be of the highest quality.
  • Ample Workout Space:XTERRA treadmills, in contrast to other cheap treadmills, have a track that is the usual size for home models. The TRX2500 features a workout surface of 55″ by 20″ (enough for most walkers), while the higher variants have 60″ x 20″ tracks to allow extended running strides.
  • Two-Ply Exercise Belts: The noise level and lifespan of a treadmill can be affected by the belt thickness. XTERRA tread belts are thick enough to keep the treadmill quiet, and they aren’t as prone to ripping as those on low-cost treadmills. You’ll still need to lube an XTERRA tread belt every 180 miles to keep it in good working order, though.
  • Guaranteed Motors: Lifetime warranties are included with all new XTERRA belt motors in 2018. If they aren’t overworked, they can be useful. A 3.0 HP motor powers the TRX3500 and 3.25 HP drives power the TRX4500 treadmills, which are more powerful than the entry-level treadmills. Only if you’re a serious runner who’s nearing the weight restriction of 300 or 350 pounds should you invest in a treadmill with greater horsepower (such as 4.0 HP).
  • Power Incline: Power incline is now included on all 2018 XTERRA treadmills. There is a maximum setting of 10%, 15% or 20% depending on the model.
  • Convenient Controls: The speed and incline settings on each XTERRA treadmill console are easily accessible via the console’s fast controls. Handlebar controls let you change the bike’s speed and incline.
  • Adjustable Cushioning: Two different firmness levels can be selected from the control panel on each XTERRA treadmill deck.
  • Built-In Workout Programs: XTERRA treadmills are well-liked because of the abundance of exercise suggestions they provide. Users may save their own workouts on the consoles, which provide a wide range of workout options, including one that monitors heart rate. In both the TRX3500 and TRX4500, there are two user profiles.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring:For wireless heart rate monitoring, all three XTERRA treadmill models are compatible. The TRX4500 Treadmill comes with a chest strap as standard equipment. In addition, the crossbars of each machine are equipped with contact pulse sensors.
  • Bluetooth Data Sharing: On the new TRX3500 and TRX4500, a Bluetooth connection is offered for sharing workout data with a mobile app. The XTERRA Fitness app, which is available for both Android and iOS, can be used to connect the treadmill consoles. In addition to FitBit, the XTERRA Fitness app is available for Android and iOS devices.
  • MP3 Speakers: The stereo speakers and MP3 player jack on every new XTERRA are compatible with smartaphones.
  • Extras: Each console has a built-in cooling fan and water bottle holder.
  • Guarantee:A 60-day money return guarantee is offered on factory-direct XTERRA cardio trainers purchased from the manufacturer.
  • Competitive Warranties: The TRX4500 Treadmill’s guarantee is really excellent. There is a one-year in-home labour warranty, five years on the deck suspension, two years on the parts, and a lifetime warranty on the frame and belt motor

What We Don’t Like:

  • Maintenance Required:XTERRA treadmills are terrific buys, but if you want a treadmill that requires little to no maintenance, you’ll have to pay more money. Track lubrication every 180 miles and belt tightening on these machines are typical home maintenance tasks. The user handbook provides step-by-by-step instructions that make it simple to complete each task. Each XTERRA machine comes with a container of belt lube.
  • Delivery Time: Delivery of treadmills is only available on weekdays. They have four-hour delivery windows like other organisations that supply large equipment.

Our Verdict:

Shoppers looking for affordable but not “cheap” or “boring” fitness equipment might check out XTERRA Fitness. The TR4500 is a great option for people who have a budget of less than $1,000.

The TRX2500, on the other hand, is a lot lighter duty cardio trainer, but it’s also a great deal at $799. The pros and downsides of each XTERRA treadmill model are highlighted in our reviews.

Overall Review of XTERRA Treadmills:

There are three treadmill lines to choose from at XTERRA Fitness, which makes exercise accessible to a wide range of people. For those who prefer an ultra-compact treadmill or a more high-tech model, there is bound to be one that is appropriate for you and your space.

Additionally, we’re impressed with the XTERRA treadmill’s welded steel chassis and long warranty. Treadmills also come with pre-programmed workouts and a manual mode. For one thing, there is no monthly subscription charge. Instead, you can use your phone or tablet to access any app or website of your choice. You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of devices thanks to the built-in device rack in the console.